Summer Is Here!

With the Solstice gone by, we are now days into long days and refreshing scents. It’s time to wash up with physical representations of summer. 

Lemongrass smells just like a bag of lemons ready to come into your home. With that in mind, add in some activated charcoal and put it all in a soap, and you will have a lemony-fresh smelling body that is clean and refreshed! Lemongrass Soap w/ Activated Charcoal

Cucumber is always seen as refreshing and cooling. During the heat of summer, fresh cucumber and aloe  might give a soothing sensation to some overly sun-kissed skin of summer so with some mint and green French Clay, Ragnar’s is the greatest choice. Ragnar's Revenge Soap

Mango is irresistible in the summer heat and has delectable flavors and scents. Paired with Coconut for the perfect summer tropical fragrance. Mango Coconut Soap

Strawberries signify the start of summer and with Strawberry Guava soap you’ll feel as if you just bathed in strawberry shortcake. XL Strawberries & Guava Soap

Another refreshing scent to help invigorate your senses, Tea Tree! With activated charcoal to make it look black as a corvid's feather, The Raven soap bathes you in Tea Tree, Citrus, and a hint of mint perfect for summer. The Raven - Signature Soap

Peaches! Peaches and cream, peach cobbler, peach tea, you know it’s summer when peaches make their peak appearance! The scent of peach is synonymous with summer and you have to check out the peach products here at Birds of Valhalla. Peaches and Cream Breastmilk Soap

Summer is also known for drying people out. You’ve been in those times where you never have a lip balm around and it’s the heat of the day, but wait! You check your pocket and here is one of the summer lip balms from Birds of Valhalla! Orange Creamsicle, Key Lime Pie, Vanilla, Lemonade, Passion Fruit, and Peach are all our summer flavors and boy do they smell like they’re ready to bring summer in. Browse Lip Balms

There’s so much more when it comes to the Summer soaps and products here at Birds of Valhalla! Fly on in and check them out.

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