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Fenrir the Great Wolf Deodorant

Fenrir the Great Wolf Deodorant

Aluminum free, talc free and BRAND NEW Birds of Valhalla Deodorant! Scented in our famous Sandalwood and Vanilla. 

  • Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
First time customer, but not the last

This is very easily as good or better than any of the deodorants you can find at the supermarket.
The scent is present but not overwhelming, and you can apply a very minimal amount and have full day coverage (please note, I work in a pharmacy, if you're in a more active environment your milage may vary)

I was actually looking for a new deodorant and this one checks all my boxes. It applies nice and dry, doesn't leave any oily residue, and lasts. It's a few dollars more than what I was previously paying, but the quality more than makes up for that. Would/will buy again!

Deven Payne
Fenrir Deo.

Given the MS heat and humidity and the fact that it all natural, the fact that it does and adequate job is impressive. I've been using it and haven't had any BO problems, but it falls short of the standard of excellence i hold BoV to. Mostly because it feels chalky when applying, i was hoping for a smoother glide feeling, and the scent doesn't come through the way the lotion, soap, solid cologne does. It's just, very average compared to this company's other products.


Pits and boobs approved in a hot humidititty climate. Can't wait for more scents.

Quentin Graves
The best!

It works so well and smells so good. Thats important for me since I work as a chef!

Shana Sturgill
Absolutely amazing

It is wonderful. I've thrown all my other deodorants away at this point. I'm very happy with it staying power and it smell.