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Custom Soap Loaf 1 Pound +

Custom Soap Loaf 1 Pound +

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You will get 4 large rectangular soaps or 6 smaller “skinny” soaps, both options weigh the same. These loaves usually last 3-5 months for one person. The price includes the conversation needed to create your custom loaf, the 1-month curing time, and space. It does not include custom labeling. Your bars will arrive naked. Please be aware that color shifts over 50% of the time so your soap may not look the colors you like, the soap gods have spoken! We may refuse to waste the colorant if we know that it'll not affect the soap. 

Be aware soaps take 1 month to cure and you will likely have some orders ahead of you so this is not a fast process. These loaves will be made in the next 2-4 weeks and delivered by 6-8 weeks on average. 

Probably our most popular, and most requested item in the history of our brand - so popular, they nearly took over the business and we had to stop making them because we couldn’t do both consistent product lines and the customs.

Why is it so in demand? Because where else can you get a soap made exactly the way you have been dreaming of, made in small food-based batches by a chef? 

Please Select Up to 3 Scents! If You Are Looking For a Scent Not Listed Feel Free to Add it in the Notes or Email Us!


(the fine print) 

Every time a custom soap is made, it will be unique. If you want consistency, this is the wrong product for you, because even if you order exactly the same thing in a year it will not* be exactly the same. Small-batch soap ingredients are not comparable to big box stores or mass production. Each loaf is handmade and unique- and even fragrances change by small suppliers year to year. We carry 12 or more consistent soaps in our store called signature soaps. 

Another note; your soap may turn brown. Scents with Amber, Patchouli, Frankincense, Vanilla, and others will 100% turn brown. It doesn’t matter how much colorant you add, it will overtake it. This is a natural side effect of some scents. Some fragrances will also “Ghost.” This means the fragrance will not stay in the soap. This tends to happen with bakery-like scents (they work far better in candles and melts) and with citrus. 

We will not accept orders that are overly complicated. We allow a generous amount of time for each creation but to be fair to everyone paying the same prices, we limit the scents to 2-3 blends, and the colors also max 2-3. If we have a color body glitter you want, we will use it. Just put colors in the notes.

Customs do not have embeds like crystals or soap carvings on top, as these must be made or purchased well in advance. 

Sometimes soap batter seizes and the soap is not successful. In these cases, you will receive store credit for the value of your soap loaf. You may not get another custom because it failed and also our custom availability is so rare. It is no one’s fault when soap fails, but we will stand by you. Your soap WILL shrink over time, especially in winter or dry conditions. There are no refunds on usable, good custom soaps you ordered because of the variables stated above. 



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Angela Covarrubias
Great Soap

I chose a scent nag champa it came out so good in the soap. I really love this and it will last for a year or more saving money.

Soap for the Soap throne!

I orderd a customer loaf for orange, ginger and frankincense and it smells so good. I love the colors, the glitter and it's everything I wanted.
10/10 would do again.

Custom bar

I got peach blue berry vanila and I am loving the smell so far. My whole bathroom smells like it.


Love it! The smell just keeps getting better too it's unreal! The difference between their soaps and big commercial factory brands really stands out with every purchase and product I try from them!

Roberta E
Custom Loaf

Love the scents you used. Haven't used any yet, but I know how great your soaps are, so I have doubt I will love it. On side note. My boyfriend said it smelled like half dead old lady. Trust me he meant it in a good way. He loved the samples, will be ordering him some soon.