Do You Have Allergies?


Our New Mini 9 Variety Pack!

A selection of our favorite hypoallergenic soaps!


Does real lavender make you splotchy? Cinnamon sets you on fire in all the wrong ways? Pine is...fine but it does make you a little queasy remembering that one night you were REALLY into Gin and Tonics. Then this new mini version of our customer-favorite Variety Pack is for you! 


Pine, lavender, and cinnamon are the three main fragrance culprits when it comes to skin reactions. Even though we only use fragrance oils specifically made to be skin-safe, some folks still have sensitivities to them. We created this mini-variety pack for those who may have those issues but still want to try numerous scents without paying for huge bars of soap you might not love! 

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I love that the variety packs sell so well. I’m gonna win

Quentin Graves

I love that you guys are so inclusive and accommodate for so many allergens!


I’m so happy yall are inclusive!!

Catherine Clarke

BOV really cares about each and every customer, thats something you wont get with big name soap companies.

Kasie Drown

I love that BOV cares enough for their customers to take allergens into account!

Quentin Graves

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