Our Story

Our founder, Debora, was an adopted, bright ADHD kid who loved making art. She grew up in tumultuous surroundings, adopted at age 9; and started her first job at age 11. After her teen years, she was displaced and worked her way up from a part time dishwasher to a chef by age 22. After a decade in the culinary field, Debora became ill with a genetic immune disorder that left her home bound for years, requiring weekly treatments for life. After diagnosis and treatment, over a dozen surgeries, she made her soap in her NYC apartment in winter 2018 and her skin ailments cleared nearly overnight. The creative process, the food based natural ingredients, the "from home" work and the ability to lead were all skills built from the past that finally came together to form 3birdsSoap, so named after Debora's beloved pet parrots, who were her company while home bound. Soon, friends and family were buying up the products; which soon became a small group of loyal customers in the "Flock Club," who claimed the products were some of the best on the market in longevity and scent.  

After a year of healthy growth and crash coursing on content creation and marketing, Debora started a second brand, NewValhallaSoap, based on Norse Mythology, both shops being on Etsy. NVS went viral on TikTok, causing the brand to explode in 2020 to 5 employees and a move to a house north of the city to accommodate the new soap facility, which again doubled in size in 2021. With a third of a million followers and growing, 3 Birds Soap merged with New Valhalla Soap to become one brand, "Birds of Valhalla™", all made in New York. Debora's soap is now only part of the business, as now other creator's are lending their unique products to the store's offerings. 

After over 2500 five star reviews, Debora and the team at Birds of Valhalla continue to grow the business with the same core values; quality on every level and treating each customer with inclusivity and care, which is why Birds of Valhalla has a growing group of discriminating, dedicated fans. In addition, due to her health issues and being surrounded by parrots, Debora and the team are passionate about the safety of the ingredients and launched a parrot safe food based wax melt line as well.

When you support Birds of Valhalla™, you are supporting the future; clean scents, handmade care, exceptional customer service and an incredible product you won't find anywhere else. You are supporting a living wage and a much overdue change in the beauty industry; a business based on people and community, food and ethical practices with unparalleled quality. It's been an exciting story, our story, and what will happen next? There's so many exciting new chapters to come, we invite our customers to be a part of the journey.