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Half Year Glass Skull Car Air Freshener Diffusers

Half Year Glass Skull Car Air Freshener Diffusers

These air fresheners are lasting 6 months and NOT the same as the imitation products you are seeing! We hand mix and fill each one with premium, American made essential oils and safe fragrances and eco glitter. NOTE; If your skull is not 100% full it’s not defective- we purposely fill them 3/4ths (to the eyes) to allow for heat expansion as summers can make care extremely hot! 


NOTE please use a few drops at a time as this is very concentrated fragrance (drop a few drops to your desired scent level into the wooden cap) and then re insert the plastic cork. 

One of our most requested products of all time is the car freshener. These real glass human skull shaped car fresheners are filled with our famous phthalate free fragrance and essential oil combinations and some new ones! To use open the wooden top carefully and then remove the small plug, place a few drops on the inside wooden cap and replace the plastic plug then replace the wood top and screw it tight- but not too tight. shake your skull and hang from your rearview mirror. To refresh your fragrance just repeat the steps once in a while to re-soak the wooden top with fresh fragrance. 

This air freshener can also be used in a bathroom, closet or small space like a drawer, as long as it’s safely upright and oils can spill and ruin clothes. 

  • Made in the USA
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