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These products smell absolutely amazing!

Smells good, haven’t tried it yet

The scent doesn’t last 😔 I did exactly what the direction said, last maybe a day before I have to do it again.

First time customer, but not the last

This is very easily as good or better than any of the deodorants you can find at the supermarket.
The scent is present but not overwhelming, and you can apply a very minimal amount and have full day coverage (please note, I work in a pharmacy, if you're in a more active environment your milage may vary)

I was actually looking for a new deodorant and this one checks all my boxes. It applies nice and dry, doesn't leave any oily residue, and lasts. It's a few dollars more than what I was previously paying, but the quality more than makes up for that. Would/will buy again!

Love the smell and does its job

Love the long lasting scent and clean melt

This is my absolute favorite scent so far. This is such a nice smooth scent not over powering


Long time cx finally was able to try the malachite shampoo and it has saved my scalp


Great scent and doesn't leave the skin weird feeling

Oatmeal Stout Body Soap
Jennifer Bradley
A definite favorite

We used to have someone in the Poconos who made a similar soap, but due to unforseen circumstances, no longer makes them. Then finding you also make this soap was fated, and I must say, your formula is far superior. I've been so blessed to have found your soaps.

Highly effective!

As someone who collects roadkill to clean animal bones my car tends to be pretty stinky sometimes. Those dinky little vent clip air fresheners barely helped diminish the odors of my very stinky hobby. But these bad boys? The stink is no match! My Jeep smells amazing! Even when driving with my windows down I get a refreshing whiff. I did leave the vanilla orchid one a little loose and it spilled inside the packet but I just stuck it in my center console and it’s great! 400/10 will be getting more! And the soap sample I got with it smells amazing! I’ll be picking some of the soap as well!

I bought both a misfit and a regular - I started using this soap as soon as it arrived. Packaged wonderfully, I did struggle a little to get it out of the box, but it's par for the course. This soap smells amazing, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and soft without leaving a layer of residue feeling behind that I find when I use other soap brands. Wonderful product.


This soap is just as remarkable as in the pictures. Attention to detail is amazing, and I can smell it through the packaging! I'm so excited to use it once I work my way through the other soaps I've bought.

Awesome Starter

Perfect to start out with - we use the samples for hand washing. Even for small slivers they're long lasting, as we've only gone through 1 bar after a few weeks. Great way to find favorite scents without playing guess.

Perfect gift for my dad on Father's day. Arrived on time and packaged well.

Haven't tried this one specifically, but I have tried similar ones , so just think of it as a healthier option to lava soap. And more moisturizing.

I did choose to get a misfit of this one , cause of it being cheaper . So idk if all have flower petals on the top , but if they do for people that have body piercings do avoid the petals get in the piercing same goes for women and not letting in get in their "treasure" box . Another then that it's a great soap , smells amazing , really gets the dirt off ,but does not moisturize as some of her others if you have sensitive skin.

Great product , smells amazing , cleans like magic , and lasts for a while.
I do suggest going to her website , cause you can ask her team questions and what soap or shampoo bar is best for you.

Very soft , and super pretty

So I'm not use to shampoo bars , just starting my journey. But with my thin hair and working a wearhouse job having something that cleans great , smells fantastic, and lasts about 2 to 3 months is great . Will say this one doesn't really moisturize the scalp like others I've tried, but really gets the dirt and sweat off my head and leaves it soft.

Freyja's Berries and Cream Signature Soap

Fenrir Deo.

Given the MS heat and humidity and the fact that it all natural, the fact that it does and adequate job is impressive. I've been using it and haven't had any BO problems, but it falls short of the standard of excellence i hold BoV to. Mostly because it feels chalky when applying, i was hoping for a smoother glide feeling, and the scent doesn't come through the way the lotion, soap, solid cologne does. It's just, very average compared to this company's other products.

It’s so pretty

It is beautiful and I am afraid to use it! I want to just keep it and look at it!

Beautiful Soap

Bought this for my husband. It has everything he loves in a soap. The scent of this soap is very soothing. It's a very beautiful and large bar.

Smells amazing. almost to good to use.