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Great bundle!

I was waiting for this. Soon as it came in I started using it. The soap smells amazing as well the dish keeps it from getting all nasty by letting water drain. Plus the stand itself is piece of art work!


Can't even explain it.... It's YUMMY......
and no I didn't eat it...... Is ultra fresh 💞

Well done

Great overall experience

Not What I Expected

Well I purchased the soap for a year (8 pack) I went off the description and photos. I liked how it was described so I purchased it. But when I got it 4 of the items were replaced by other items I necessarily wouldn't have purchased if I saw they were going to be in the box. I have tried to reach out through email because I honestly do not care for the scents of some (mainly the replacements). I am a scent person so that's important to me. Also one of the scent is non-existent (Bjorns Brew). I researched this company for weeks before purchasing and watched reviews but I am kind of disappointed. I did not want a refund but I would have liked the soaps that are advertised. Even on their tiktok most of the soaps that they say are their best sellers I literally didn't get. Some of them I guess are replacements and maybe more expensive then the original but I would have not individually bought the one's that were given as replacements. They don't have a return policy but it's soap so I definitely understand but it's still kind of a bummer tbh. The soaps that were advertised honestly do smell great but the ones that were not supposed to be in the box that were replacements is the issue but I'm in correspondence with the company so I'll update if it is resolved.

A few dislikes but overall worth it!

Did not like bjorns brew or the canadian maole chapstick scents. The shampoo bar gave my hair the squeaky "clean" feel which usually means over stripping of the hair but my boyfriend enjoyed the shampoo bar so it was used up! The other soaps and the solid cologne was AMAZING. The face bar caused no breakouts and left my face feeling clean and soft. Overall i loved the box and now know what scents to order next time!

I don't know

I haven't recived anything yet 🫶🏻🐾

Love it!

Lathers up well and pleasant to use. The smell is amazing and the soap feels good on my face. Skin feels better after using at the end of a long days work. Love it when I find a product that I would like to continue supporting the maker and their craft.

Well worth it!

Smells amazing! My skin feels softer and I think it has been helping to soothe my sunburns. Lathers up so well and is pleasant to use when applying and a light scrub. Been using it every day since I got it. I'll definitely be a returning customer.


Great quality soap. Will definitely buy more!

Earthy scented soaps!

I enjoyed the verity pack! My favorite product in my pack was the lip balm and solid fragrance. Simple and effective. The soaps are definitely for people who like earthy scents. I’m not the biggest fan of the smells but overall it’s an experience. The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was how cheap the plastic is for the lip balm. The cap snapped in half when I opened it. I didn’t use a lot of force so it kind of surprised me. Other then that I would recommend new customers to try the verity pack first to get a feel for what you like.

Wax melts

The wax melts are not the highlight of this shop. The scent is very close to the 5 below candles. I originally bought the wax melts because they are advertised to be bird safe so if you’re looking for something that smells amazing in the wax melts department this might not be for you. Another thing I noted was that the presentation on the product was messy and didn’t look put together. What I mean by that is it looked thrown together in a rush vs shops that dedicate their efforts into making the product look high quality/professional. I’m not trying to bash the product or shop this is just my honest review. Definitely focus on the soaps verse the wax melts if you’re purchasing from this shop 👍🏽


I bought the sample box this was in it and I was given a freebie for my order (soap sample) I will be buying or asking for my upcoming birthday or Christmas gift as I love the smell! I love that I now have somewhere to go to buy bar shampoo in different scents and they are huge vs the tiny one I first found. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Vary nice

I love this pack, it’s so nice to be able to try the products before you buy full bars and it includes things that I probably wouldn’t have tried without getting the pack like the solid shampoo and cologne. The quality is great, they smell wonderful and leave my skin soft. The facial bar is also vary nice, I have vary sensitive skin and its vary difficult to find soap I can use on my face, so thats a big plus. Overall great! And it’s awesome to be able to support a small business making good quality products.

Another great roller

I ordered this one to cover smoke smell and it works perfectly and they all mix well together!

Love it

The customs never fail to be exactly what I wanted comes out perfect everytime!

Love this soap!

Great soap great stone!

Love this facial soap

Such a light, fresh scent. Leaves my face feeling clean and soft. I highly recommend using any and all your products. Planning on ordering more stuff in the near future.

I wish I could give more stars!!

This is my new favorite hand soap just in time for fall! The red and black are a great color combo and I can not wait for my hidden crystal to be revealed!

I am ready for battle!!

This is one of our favorite soaps from BoV. Our first purchase was two years ago and we finally ran out of all the others we had purchased, so we had to get more of the Shield Maiden. I don't know how to describe the scent but you can smell the spice in it. It works great for both my husband and myself. He loves to use it in his beard while I love it especially on my hands because I have a small form of eczema that is very itchy and this soap keeps it at bay. I love how it softens my skin and how much it lathers us as well.

The smell of Fall in a bar

My husband is a picky person when it comes to his soap and to get him to stop using his Irish Spring takes a lot. This soap just did that and he loves the way it reminds him of fall with the leaves falling outside. We live in the desert and miss grass and leaves and everything about our favorite time of the year. To have all of those smells and memories come rushing back because of the scent of a bar of soap is incredible. I am so glad that I was able to pick this soap up and hope to get more next year so that I have a stock throughout fall.

This is amazing

They have amazing soaps and I love the solid cologne and lip balm

Love this box

This is my second sample box I bought and I love this I think this a great idea if you’re a new customer that don’t know what to buy and you get a variety of stuff

Beautiful smell

I love this soap going to buy more soon! A perfect gift too!

Love this soap

Some of the best soap I've ever had cleared up dandruff issues immediately! Gets stains off skin as well! Great stuff always worth grabbing a bar or two!

Favorite soap ever!

Smells great and everyone ive had smell it loved it can't wait to place more orders!