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The Bifrost (formerly Aurora Borealis) - Anarchy (Vanilla, Patchouli, and Black Pepper) Soap

The Bifrost (formerly Aurora Borealis) - Anarchy (Vanilla, Patchouli, and Black Pepper) Soap

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Made in small batches. Each batch will vary in appearance but expect bars to be an average 4oz each. Our soaps last the average person 4-8 weeks, depending on use and storage between use.

The Bifrost is a unique and natural soap that is created using soap scraps and a dark charcoal base. The soap is named after the mythical Rainbow Road to Asgard and it is known for its striking colors against a dark background. The soap is made using a blend of high-quality oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, and castor seed oil. The soap also includes a phthalate-free fragrance oil and essential oil, which gives it a distinctive scent called "Anarchy," which is a blend of vanilla, patchouli, and black pepper.

The soap making process of The Bifrost involves using soap scraps from previous soap making processes. The scraps are collected and added to the dark soap base made out of charcoal. 

also, meat-cake 

The combination of the soap scraps and charcoal base gives The Bifrost soap its unique appearance. The soap scraps come from different batches of soap, each with its own color. The scraps are added, creating a marbled effect with multiple colors on a black background. The result is a stunning soap that is as visually appealing as it is useful.

The fragrance used in Aurora Borealis soap is a blend of phthalate-free fragrance oil and essential oil. Phthalates are chemicals commonly found in fragrances that have been linked to health concerns. By using a phthalate-free fragrance oil, The Bifrost soap is safe and gentle on the skin. The fragrance oil used in the soap is a blend of vanilla, patchouli, and black pepper. Vanilla has a warm and comforting scent, while patchouli is earthy and grounding. Black pepper adds a spicy and invigorating element to the fragrance.

The scent of The Bifrost soap is both soothing and uplifting. The warm vanilla and earthy patchouli create a calming effect, while the black pepper adds an energizing quality to the scent. The fragrance is perfect for those who want a soap that is both relaxing and refreshing.

In addition to its moisturizing and detoxifying properties, The Bifrost soap is also eco-friendly. By using soap scraps to create the soap, waste is minimized, and resources are conserved. The soap is also packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials, reducing the environmental impact of the product.

The Bifrost soap is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a natural and eco-friendly soap that is gentle on the skin. It is perfect for daily use as a hand or body soap, and its moisturizing properties make it an ideal choice. The unique combination of soap scraps and charcoal base not only gives it a stunning visual appearance but also makes it an effective and nourishing soap for all skin types. Try The Bifrost soap today and experience the benefits of this natural and sustainable product.




Allergen Warning - Multiple (Coconut, Latex from Aloe, & Lavender)

This product contains COCONUT, LATEX FROM ALOE, AND LAVENDER! From the soap shavings used in the production of each bar.

Care information

For maximum use please make sure to store your soap in a space that it can fully dry between uses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Samantha Johnson
Great scent that lasts

I tried the bifrost soap and was not disappointed. It smells amazing and the scent stays with you throughout the day.

Dynamic dan
Yes plz

If you love smexy delicious scent go for Bifrost in this pop of art of soap. Each bar will be unique and special gives you the ohh lala sensations .

Brandon Stone
Best soap by far

I’ve used all different kinds of soaps a lot of the other would dry out my skin, this does not , I would highly recommend and I do plan on buying more.

The best

I love the anarchy scent the beautiful colors and the way the scraps add texture. Absolutely amazing


Smells absolutely amazing 💖