Don't Pine Away for Winter

The World Tree Deep Pine

Gorgeous, green, invigorating pine scents transport you from your shower to the serenity of a remote forest hideaway. Birds of Valhalla's signature soap formula will cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your skin while you're away!

The World Tree

Evergreen scents aren't just for the holiday season. They're for all year long! Camping trips nestled between ancient cedar, pine and balsam trees. Hikes through overgrown woods. Drives up scenic, wooded mountains. Just like World Tree Deep Pine hand and body soap, those things are for all year long!

The World Tree Soap World Tree Fragrance Yggdrasil Signature Candle

The World Tree Deep Pine

Signature Soap

Solid Frangrance Cologne

SLider Tin

8oz Yggdrasil World Tree

Signature Candle

World Tree Altar/Soap Dish

Odin's Beard Oil

World Tree Wax Melter

Altar or Soap Dish

Odin's Beard Oil

World Tree Wax Melter

& BoV Wax Melts

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My brother loves the pine scents

Catherine Clarke

I’m not big on pine scent. But this is nice. Not too overpowering. Perfect for the holiday seasons. Great for moisture. Leaves you smelling pine clean.

Quentin Graves

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