Flowers Actually Speak!

Did you know flowers have their own language? Maybe we should look into that when we make bouquets. So this soap actually has something to say, according to the Farmers Almanac Language of Flowers!

With the blend of four floral scents, it makes for the perfect spring and summer scent for those of us that love having flowers all the time, but can’t keep them around long enough. Honeysuckle is known for pulling off the vine and drinking the sweet honey-like nectar inside. It’s a southern staple where it grows for a few months of the year. The flower signifies the bonds of love when given to another and truly says “I love you!” Having this fragrance in the soap is our way of saying “We want to keep you”.

Jasmine flowers are rich, sweet, and almost fruity in their scent. Their robust nature and alluring fragrance almost make you fall in love. The jasmine flower when given signifies sweet love, amiability, grace, and elegance. Placing this flower in the soap definitely tells someone what you think of them. We like to think of you all as sweet and kind, elegant and poised as you let the aroma surround you in the shower or at the sink when using this bar.

Roses are almost synonymous with gifting flowers. Most people automatically lean towards putting roses in bouquets, making them some of the most sought after flowers for special occasions. We always see them around Valentine’s Day as the reddest bouquet to give to our partners. Their scent is recognizable to the nose immediately and some blooms even smell like lemons or other flowers. Giving a rose to someone tells them different things based on color, so for this soap and all its colors, I’ll give you the meaning for the most prominent color of the soap: the white rose stands for innocence and says “I’m worthy of you”. 

Moonflowers are a night blooming Morning Glory and as such are seen as symbols of blooming in dark times. As these blooms shine under the moonlight we can see where they get their name, and just how special they are. With the sweet and sultry aroma that comes with their big petals and bright white blossoms, the flower makes a statement. The moonflower adds a deep note to the flower arrangement here in this soap, but there’s one final piece that makes this say “SUMMER!”

Peaches are a summer-time staple to many people. The addition of peach nectar into this soap brightens the soap and yells “Summer Time” to most people who smell it. Peach, Moonflower, Rose, Jasmine, and Honeysuckle all come together in this one soap to tell you this: “We Care About You!” How’s that for a fun soap? With the food based ingredients the soap makers of Birds of Valhalla care about your body just as much as you do and only want the best for you. So fly on in, warrior. Rest in Valhalla for a moment and take in the scents and sights. When you’re ready to leave, take some with you as a reminder.



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This soap is amazing . I love how it changes every season

Catherine Clarke

Flowers are essential. We all have a life and purpose!

Quentin Graves

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