Fragrances... ROLL OUT

It's Fragrance Heaven!

Here at Birds of Valhalla, you know we make natural soaps with food based ingredients and ethical materials. Our wax melts are super and our lotions have been called extra nourishing by customers. But there's more smelly stuff that's hiding on the website.

Three of the more popular fragrance oil rollers

For all the products that we make, there have been so many requests for these. Who would have ever thought that even though we had so many requests, they're sitting on shelves in the studio! If you want people to follow you around the supermarket asking you what scent you're wearing, use these awesome oil rollers. You can use them on your hair, beards, skin. However, if this product irritates your skin, immediately stop using it. If you have sensitive skin, try wearing it in your hair and on your clothing instead of your skin. It can help keep those irritations to a minimum.

But there's another fragrance product that people tend to sleep on with the store. And we put these in every Variety Pack...

Set of six fragrance slider tins 

Some of the fragrances are now coming in an Extra Large size so you can get your favorites. If you don't know what you like, here are some descriptions of some of the signature scents of Birds of Valhalla.

Fenrir, Great Wolf is a best seller. The same scent as our Gray Wolf soaps or wax melts- it is a classic deep, sexy sandalwood and vanilla.

Black Sea is a mix of Cardamon, Musk, and Sea Salt- mysterious, deep, sexy, and somewhat traditionally masculine but honestly works on anyone with the confidence to wear it.

World Tree is a fragrance inspired by Viking Longships- in Deep Pine, Juniper, and Bayberry.

Shield Maiden is our famous Lingonberry Spice, one of our best-loved scent and very unique in the soap world!

The Raven is a strong minty Tea Tree and Citrus fragrance.

The Bifrost is a patchouli Black Pepper Vanilla and Orange blend and the CEO’s favorite!

All of the ingredients are all food, and the fragrance is made from essential oils and packs a punch! Because these are essential and safe fragrance oils, they do not cause headaches and last all day. This is more of a subtle natural scent and can be reapplied as desired. This is a slider tin, perfect for your pocket- and will last a while though small. You can use these just like the fragrance oil rollers in your hair or on your clothes. How awesome is that?

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So many great ways to keep smelling good

Catherine Clarke

The fragrance roll one and tins are amazing. I get so many compliments on my apple cardamom and cream.

Quentin Graves

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