GOODBYE Nordic Nights, Hello DISCOUNT!

So Long, Nordic Nights! You will be missed!

Don't miss out on these deals! Pick up a few favorites while they last.

Stock up on the smell of fresh fallen snow, now at a discounted price with code: GLOWUP AND get free shipping at $75.

collection of nordic nights fragrance items. From left to right, bird safe wax melts $12, nordic nights soap $15, cologne fragrance tins $14. A button below says "So Long, Farewell, good night Nordic Nights"

It is that time of year that we update our signature line and the variety box by extension. As the first of the signature line, it is the first to get the update. So if you want the original scent of Nordic Nights, grab yours now at the buttons above.

If you've ever wanted to daydream about what a night in the Scandinavian winter would smell like, grab yourself a bar of this soap and let it take you on a journey.

Blue, black, and white swirl together to reflect the dark sky over the snowy ground as the Northern Lights dance around over the freshly fallen powder. Biodegradable glitter stars dust the top of every bar and sometimes, there's a secret in the soap. Sometimes, it even glows like the moonlight.

Colored with activated charcoal and ethical mica powders, this soap is truly a representation of the Scandinavian snowy nights under the stars. And while this fragrance is retiring, it'll be updated with something newer and fresher.

And for those of you who love to have originals, this is your last chance to get the original Variety Pack with the original Nordic Nights soap fragrance AND before it goes up in price. So grab the deals while you can.

a pair of hands holds a metal box with a lip balm, ten slices of different colored soaps, and a fragrance tin. Below the hands and tin white letters say "Variety Pack: 12 Samples of soap, lip balm, and solid cologne".


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New year new scents

Catherine Clarke

Nordic nights is such a clean and pure scent. So many people love it!

Quentin Graves

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