Inspired Polymer Visits

Ryenn from InspiredPolymer visited the soap studio this week! We had so much fun, and it reminded us that wow we have had quite the streak of special guests lately!

We made a soap with each of them and thought that maybe you'd like to see them all in one place.

Inspired Polymer Soap

A long time coming! Deb of BOV was one of Inspired Polymer’s original fans and now, the two have come together in the New York Studio to offer a collaboration soap, the product made by BOV and the adorable octopus’s made by Ryenn! Each octopus is handmade for each soap and the scent was chosen by Ryenn herself! It is a blueberry tea scent! These are HUGE bars and will also glow in the dark. 
Rainbow Caterpillar

 You Mead at a Tavern

Dungeons and Dragons Soap

Rainbow Caterpillar
ShocksArt Soap

ShocksArt Soap

Ships in mid June! Nate Shockley came to the NY studio and helped to create a BOV soap!
Made with our classical recipe of olive oil, coconut oil, tallow and castor seed oil.

This soap has a fresh, woodsy scent of Virginia Cedarwood, Emerald Agave, Cucumber Water, Tobacco and Honey.
Appalachian Dirt Apple Soap Floki's Coffee Shipment Soap

Appalachian Dirt Apple

Helga's Custom Soap Creation

Floki's Coffee Shipment Custom Soap
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I was so happy with this collab

Catherine Clarke

It really is an art. A labor of love! Clay and soap work. Truly inspiring. I envy all that talent

Quentin Graves

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