Justice is Blind, and Clean!

The seventh sign of the zodiac comes during the middle of the harvest month. The second air sign of the zodiac, Libra, has a couple of people associated with its splendor. Same as the Scales, Libra stands as a symbol of justice. Many mythologies have stories about the scales of justice with the most famous being Anubis weighing hearts against a feather to determine their afterlife. Scales are always associated with justice, as the statue of Justice in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. The statue of the figure portraying justice is always blind, reminding those that dispense it to be impartial and biased. The scales bring balance to the individual, the situation, and the times. But those who hold the scales are to be looked at and revered for fate in their interpretation of the scales.



Themis, the goddess of justice in Greek times, was given the rare and coveted position of Zeus’s advisor. In Olympus, Themis sat on a throne beside Zeus and advised him about matters dealing with those who broke the laws set down by Zeus himself. Themis is one of the twelve Titans that was born to Ouranos and Gaia, aunt to Zeus himself. Themis was always represented as a human woman, blindfolded and carrying her scales. She received the gift of foresight, or prophecy, from her mother and replaced her as the Oracle at Delphi. However, when Apollo was born to Zeus and Leto, Themis adored him so much, that she gave the Oracle to Apollo. The Titaness was also one to oversee wisdom and good counsel as well as interpret the will of the gods for mortals. Themis gave birth to the Hours, the Fates, and (in some accounts) the Hesperides. As the mother of Clotho, Atropos, and Lachesis, she would make sure the souls were just and true as the Fates decided the length of time the mortal lived. Themis also gave birth to another goddess, Dike. 



Dike, the Protector of fair judgment, is caught up in another Zodiac sign as well. Dike is a maiden goddess said to dispense justice in the mortal realm while her mother sits in Olympus to dole out the will of the gods. Dike found she enjoyed her time more among the mortals and did her best to make sure they were following the divine laws of the gods so that when the mortals would die, they could spend their afterlife in Elysium. Dike is also often confused with the maiden Astraea, goddess of innocence, and thus the pair of goddesses are linked together in Virgo and Libra. 

Those born under the scales are charmers and smart. Libras are diplomatic, social, and debaters. Libras love to be the center of attention, enjoying shifting to fit in with different crowds of people. These people hate mess, chaos, and disorder. They love to listen to people, but in turn, tend to share the information with others as a little bit of gossip. Meditation and DIY and cleaning are some great things for Librans. This is why the scent of Libra is such a powerful combination.



The soap colored by ethical micas and activated charcoal makes the bright and pale pinks stand out from the black. Topped with Rose Quartz, the soap brings balance to the day as you let your stress wash away. The scent of Libra is changing this year from Energy to a new and updated fragrance: citrus agave. The bright notes of the orange and lemon peel lean into the heart of the fragrance. Mandarin, grapefruit, and tangerine are emboldened and fortified by the agave nectar in the oil. Hints of peach and lime add a touch of the tropics to this fragrance to bring a small splash of summer to the darkening days of fall. If you want your bar of Libra soap, purchase it here below!

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