Last Minute Gifts And Prep for the New Year

The Best Choice for Last Minute Gifters

Do you have someone you don't know what fragrance to buy for them? Maybe you missed the deadline for a gift to arrive in time? Well look no further. We have the answer to your woes right here.

Now that we have the last minute gifts out of the way... how about we start talking about what's new in the studio?

Four Florals, a soap that's a little different every time it's made, is one that flies off the shelves rather quickly. This batch is peach, lilac, wild rose, and lily of the valley with beautiful spring colors. Yes, we know it'll be Winter in a few days here at the studio and it's already feeling like it in some areas, but these colors will brighten up your January. 



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Doesn’t matter what soap you pick to gift there all winners!

Talissa Wilson

Some of the best scent mixes ever! And I’m gonna win

Quentin Graves

Grabbed four florals in my last soap order – loooove floral scents and this did not disappoint

sabrina berndt

Pretty colors!!!


Getting through the winter with floral scents and bright colors is a vibe and I’m here for it!


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