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Friend, we need to have a chat about the reality of the natural soap industry. You see- there’s some dirty little secrets that some companies would rather not tell you but we are going to come clean. 

As this is a long, deep rabbit hole to fall down (from grace) we will take this subject on in small doses. There is only so much one can take in at once, after all. So, let’s start with something that maybe you don’t realize- and you SHOULD KNOW. 

Private websites (like this one) have reviews usually displayed, right? Right! I am sure you noticed that theres not often a website displaying under a 4 star review. Have you ever noticed this or wondered why it could be? It’s because (are you sitting down?) … most businesses REMOVE their bad reviews and often pay for services to write positive ones. I am so sorry to break this to you. 

So, how do you know who to trust with your hard earned money? It’s gotten very difficult to tell. This is why we have signed up with- and actively pay for JudgeMe, an app that works to keep the review process transparent for customers. JudgeMe is a service that forces businesses to keep up reviews and be held publicly accountable for the ones they remove. It also verifies reviews, reducing spam reviews. (Yes, that’s a thing!) For example, we once had a very suspect day where multiple 1 star reviews came in from “different” accounts that had no order history attached to any of them. In short, it was a competitor attack and it didn’t work real well. I am sure it wasn’t a free service for said competitor but it was highly entertaining for us!

We signed up for JudgeMe from day one and have been thrilled to actually EARN an HONEST 4.9 star review on our website. If you still have any doubts- check our Etsy, of the same name; it also has 4.9 stars that match. Etsy also does not allow the removal of bad reviews. The fact that our reviews match across our stores shows there is a consistency of excellence over many years in dedication to our loyal flock of customers- and that will never change. 

Now, if you leave a review with a photo, you may be automatically posted on our social media! Make sure to follow us everywhere, especially the Discord!

Are you the type to lurk and read all the juicy reviews? Well, here’s our vast collection and it’s SEARCHABLE!

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Deb; Your Loyal Lye-ness 


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Judge me is fantastic

Catherine Clarke

Glad y’all let the world see it all. Good and bad reviews

Catherine Clarke


Quentin Graves

It’s easy to tell quality from the way the reviews are written. And once it’s in your hand it’s obvious. Five stars all around.

Kat B

I had no idea they removed the bad reviews!!! That makes a lot more sense why some brands don’t have any or very few. Thank you for being so transparent and using an app that holds you accountable as well!


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