News on Astrology Soaps!

New Year, New Soaps!

We are excited to announce that Aries has it's new scent; Black Violet & Saffron. While we loved the old scent we are really pleased with the new one and think you will love it too.

New Aries soaps are available now!



We have been looking for new ways to make our gift sets and soaps stand out above the rest. Now the Astrology Soap collection comes with the option to add a stunning pendant necklace with your soap order. Each pendant matches the precious gemstone for the sign your purchase. 

Just like the jewelry? You can order separately no soap required! Just click the drop down on any soap and find the stand alone "Pendant" option. 


More yet to come!

We are working on changing out and updating some scents on the other signs as well. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated when these changes occur. 

As for now we have "almost" every sign in stock along with their wax melts, pendants, and other counter parts you are familiar with. And if you aren't familiar go take a look and see for yourself already! 


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