Pick your Poison Apples in Those Apple Bottom Jeans

Have you seen the newest arrivals? Come see what we have and get free United States Shipping at $75.

Apples Have Fallen!

Shampoo bars are all the rage in the shop. So grab the newest shampoo bar right here! And don't forget to get down in your boots with the fur for the newest apple soap. The apple never falls far from the tree, but we're sending them as far as we can.

Two products displayed. Left is an image of an older woman holding a purple apple with green ooze on it. Beneath the picture says "Poison Apple Shampoo Bars". Right image is red and black swirled soap loaf. Underneath the image is "Apple Bottom Jeans- Black Cardamom and Cream and Apple Harvest Soap"

Picture of green and purple swirled shampoo loaf with the caption "Poison Apple Shampoo bars smell like apple, rose, and night violet (a bergamot based fragrance). This shampoo bar would make even Princess Snow fall out from the pure autumn harvest scent. So make this the last apple bar you'll ever eat. (No... don't actually eat it. It's soap! Made with food, yes but still chemicals. Don't do the things. Washing= good. Eating= Bad.)" Button below says "Get the fairest of them all"

Text on left saying "Catherine got low, low, low designing this soap loaf. Black Cardamom, Apple, and Cream come together to make sure those Apple Bottom Jeans are scented just right for the fall weather coming up. You'll get this soap just in time for the cooler, furry boot weather." Image of red and black swirled soap loaf on right.

And if you want suggestions for some of the more popular items in the shop because it's still free United States shipping at $75... look at these items below! They're a steal!

Three Products: Left, Greenish bar of soap above text saying "Malachite Tea Tree Rosemary Shampoo Bars". Center: Five tubes of lip balms above text saying: "Food Based Lip Balm Singles". Right: Boxes of wax melts above text: "Bird Safe Wax Melts"

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This made me so happy to see my custom soap make it into a seasonal item!

Catherine Clarke

Apple is the fruit of knowledge and it is nourishing to the body and skin! Love apples!

Quentin Graves

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