Prices Getting You Down? Let's Chat!

"That's WAY too expensive!"

Sadly, we hear that a lot about our products on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more places.

"I can get seven bars of soap for that much!"

But can you really? Let's talk about why our products are so "expensive".

two listings, one for bulgarian rose soap and the other Dragon's Blood Moonflower soild shampoo

Two of the most expensive items in the shop are right above us. Now let's look at each one and see what you get!

1. Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Soap. This is a PREMIUM fragrance, meaning it's expensive to get and it's even an essential oil. There are a lot of fake rose scents out on the market, but this one is actually made with real roses, so that adds to the cost. Not to mention this soap is hand made in micro- not even small- batches with food-grade ingredients.

2. Dragon's Blood and Moonflower Solid Shampoo. This recipe is made with some amazing oils that have saponified into a solid state. Jojoba, Babassu, Sunflower, Olive, and Castor seed oils all mix together with more premium and skin safe fragrances to create this bar of shampoo. Did you know that seven pounds of jojoba oil can cost around $191? So... things are a little pricier because of the quality ingredients you're getting.

Let's take a break from prices and such and talk about the rest of the quality and why this soap is probably a better choice.

Did you know most "soaps" in big stores aren't actually soaps? They're "beauty bars" now. We all know those familiar what bars with the white bird of peace used to be soap, but now it's a "beauty bar". And how often have you had those bars that crack and flake after a week or so of use? They start to get stringy and leave a weird feeling on some people's skin. How can that be made of good quality stuff?

Oh! And let's talk about how long they last. There's a major competitor that claims they make their soaps in small batches (*cough cough* Professor Cryptid *cough*) and their soaps have been said to only last for two weeks. Also! They say in their special community spaces that to keep the soap longer, dry it with a PAPER TOWEL after you use it.


I'm going to put some pretty products below to calm you down... and possibly rage buy.

three listings; one for resin soap dishes, one for vanilla crunch sugar scrub, one for lip balms

Aaah.... Isn't that better. We've hit "Add to Cart" and things are pleasant again.

So, we offer you two different soap dishes. A resin one that's at a cheaper price, or a combo bundle of a hand made ceramic one from Virginia with a soap to go with it. There's no need to dry off the soaps from Birds of Valhalla to prolong their "life span". These soaps usually weigh in around four to six (4-6) ounces each so many customers find they last for a month or longer. There's no need to go out and buy a bar of soap every two weeks now.

And that's what quality ingredients do for you. We all know that we want to have the best things for the best price. A deal is a steal if we see the right one, am I right? These prices aren't meant to make you think they're being inflated or we just think that highly of ourselves here. We pay for the best ingredients that are natural and ethical. We, like the companies we get our supplies from, pay a living wage to staff members and make sure that what you buy is what you get.

This is what you're paying for when you pay $26 or $30 dollars for a bar of soap with genuine crystals on top of ethical mica and natural, food-based oils. And then there are the wax melts, candles, solid colognes, car diffusers, and more to think of. Product costs are skyrocketing and we're trying to think of your pocketbook too. But something has to give and we have to increase prices sometimes. We don't increase them very much, but we have to to make sure that we still provide the quality you've come to know and rely on with our products.

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People underestimate how much money real rose essential oil costs, your guys’ prices are on point! Thank you for making quality products and ethically sourcing your stuff!


I can’t complain with the high quality products you provide. The price is on point. I love BOV

Quentin Graves

You get what you pay for!! And y’all’s stuff is quality

Catherine Clarke

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