Scintillating Savings on Signature Scents

12 bars of handmade soap create an arch behind a clear quartz skull
Over on from today until Cyber Monday, you'll save 20% off every Signature Soap you purchase using code SIGNATURE at checkout.
From Before the Raid to Witches Brew Facial Soap, you save TWENTY PERCENT on every bar! Minty, deep cleaning The Raven? Yup, twenty percent more awesome. Deeply alluring The Great Wolf? Twenty percent even better bestest boi! The World Tree makes you envision a 20% more fulfilling pine forest. 
You'll spend 20% less money, which means you can buy 20% more soap when you use code SIGNATURE at checkout.
But wait...
Save 20% off of our ENTIRE Etsy shop!
From November 17th until November 27th every single thing in our Etsy store is 20% off.
So not only our cult favorite soaps, but also that is an ENORMOUS savings on crystal rune stone sets, soap dishes, candles, and wax melts. Even the gorgeous high-quality rings were created especially for Birds of Valhalla. Buying the ring below at a 20% discount, ooof you're just robbing us at this point!
silvery vines and leaves wrap around and hold a vibrant powder blue tanzanite stone
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Signatures are next level! The BLOG KING HAS SPOKEN.

Quentin Graves

You guys have such good deals going on so often it seems! Can’t wait for next Cyber Monday!


I love the ongoing deals you have to keep customers engaged

Quentin Graves

That ring Is gorgeous!!!

Catherine Clarke

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