Sea Monster, See Bubbles.

Sea Monster, See Bubbles.

At some point we all fear something. Those that fear the oceans may have an idea on what truly lies beneath the waves many love. Monsters lurk in the depths of the serene landscape people gaze longingly at, or listen to the sounds of the waves on the shore for relaxation. Thalassophobia is defined as the fear of large bodies of water, according to This phobia may have some standing given the history we have from stories told by sailors of old of what dwells beneath those picturesque waves.


kraken soap

Birds of Valhalla prides itself in the creativity and ethically sourced ingredients.

We’ve all heard the stories of mermaids and sirens, of harpies and giant sharks. But the story that still brings chills to the bones of even the most weathered sailor is the Kraken. Found from the shores of Norway to Iceland, the giant tentacled creature broke ships apart and caused the deaths of many sailors, taking them to Davy Jones’s locker. Sailors recall hitting a sand bar in the ocean and the tentacles that came over the sides to crush the ship in half! Many cultures have their versions of the tentacled monster, but all of them make them to look like a giant cephalopod (so squid or octopus). One popular franchise expanded on the myth of the Kraken, making it find its way down to the Caribbean where the Lusca inhabits. The name “Kraken” has overshadowed many of the other names that these colossal creatures go by, and one depiction has made its rounds to overshadow the idea of a giant whale, a many headed creature, a giant many armed crab, and so many others.


kraken soap

The sea colored soap beckons us all deeper down into the black depths where the Kraken haunts and drags poor souls.


Ships of fishermen were the ones most at risk of being taken under by the Kraken, taking its food source and staying idle for many periods of time. But the other ships that had more to lose than just lives, were the trade ships. Sailors on board the trade vessels carrying teas and leather good over to the New World from the Old World always kept a watchful eye out for these creatures of the depths. This creature from the Old World stays alive in our minds today as we get this bar of soap from the Signature Line.


kraken soap bar

The Kraken comes in a delightful box that tells you what scent you'll get from it. With some custom designs, Birds of Valhalla does their best to bring you into the world where these myths become reality.


With the smell of the wood from ships the beast has wrecked, bergamot from the perfumes transported from Italy, black tea from Britain, and leather goods from Scandinavia this monstrous bar reminds us of what sailors lost when they brought back the stories of this oceanic menace. Colored with ethical micas to represent the waves and the depths of the ocean, this soap brings the historical beast of myth and literature right to your home. If there are bubbles in the water, there may be a beast lurking beneath you. So beware as the bubbles, scent, and foam of your soap may call to the kraken of old to bring you to the sea so you can meet this legend right in your imagination from your shower.

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I love the descriptions you have for your products. They’re very mystical and campy and I am so here for it!

Linnea Goebel


Catherine Clarke

Release The kraken! I love the smell, look, and dimension of this soap

Quentin Graves

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