Shining, Shimmering, Spectacular!

Stones signify lots of things around the world; protection, abundance, creativity, and more. These hand carved beauties will do more than decorate and spark conversation, they will carry your energy and dazzle whoever sees them.

Labradorite with rare flashes of purples and pink or with blues and gold, said to be the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge between realms, caught in stone, will stun anyone who looks at the unassuming stone for the vibrant display of color. 

Have too much negativity? Maybe look into a Garden Quartz with a beautiful rainbow in the center to transform that negativity into positive, universal love.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? From aventurine and moss agate to triceratops and brontosaurus. Dinosaurs have that nostalgic place in a few hearts, and life finds a way.

Check out these beautiful stones and more with the listing below.

We have a whole special collection for these types of beautiful stones, and even more Listed Here!

*Shown below a sample of items in our Crystal Collection!*

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Yall take my paycheck!! You get the top tier labs

Catherine Clarke

I absolutely love the labs and crystals. Amazing quality. Great price. Can’t beat it

Quentin Graves

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