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We have several hundred different items available in our shop right now, and that can be overwhelming. Maybe you have questions that our descriptions don't answer. Perhaps you're searching for something specific that you can't quite fit in a search box. Maybe you just want to have some fun letting Deb and/or Kelly take you around the studio and shop for you! They do spend quite a bit of time with our products and know where every secret gem(sometimes literally) is hiding.

Welp here's the listing for you friend! Just $10 to secure your spot, which then becomes store credit applied to whatever you end up buying! It's the most affordable personal shopper experience you're ever going to have, and likely the most fun too.

Shop @ The Studio


The $10 goes toward your order! We will shop with you in the famous NY studio live or on the phone! 5 spots available per week! Please leave your phone number, email and user name where you would like to be tagged!
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I love the lives!!!

Catherine Clarke

Love the lives! You’re the best. And your products prove it. Be proud.

Quentin Graves

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