Soapy Sudsy Secrets

Everyone has someone in their lives that says, has said, or even heard “Breast is Best”. Who would have thought that could translate into body soaps? Surely not me, but at Birds of Valhalla, we have a penchant for turning the unknown and unexplored into the known and traversed.

Breast milk is the sole source of nutrition for many babies when they’re born and we think that’s all it ever gets used for. One of our reviewers on Judge.Me says, “My son has super sensitive skin so I wanted to try out the breastmilk honey and oatmeal for him and it has worked wonders! His skin is soft and no more random patches of eczema.” While the company cannot make health claims, we can however attest that it gives a satisfying lather and we know who has donated the “secret ingredient”. Being a creamier and richer lather than our standard soaps, breastmilk soap makes washing your skin all that more satisfying. And the best part, they have some cute names and colors. Who doesn’t love a good pun?

breastmilk soap

With Summer sticking a lot of us in sweat and heat we have all cried out “Oh the humidity!” So, we have a cry of our own to help clean you up from that dreaded water vapor content, “Oh the humiditiddy!” Made with pineapple, mango, cilantro, and peach fragrance, it’s a tropical getaway to make you feel a little less bitter about the humidity making hair frizz or sweat bead on the skin. You can grab your own slice of paradise and make a clean getaway.

Simple and easy is something everyone loves. The third best-selling scent on the site, Honey Please, comes into play in these “Secret Suds” as well. Honey and oats come together for the Boo-Bees soap. We could make a dirty joke, but the soaps won’t let us. They’re too clean for that. Boo-Berries (raspberry, blueberry, cherry, and strawberry), Solid Gold (unscented), A Tale of Two Melons (Honeydew and Watermelon), Calm Your Tits (Lemongrass, Lavender, and Spearmint), Diamond Cutters (champagne, rose, and cashmere), and Honey-Suckle (Heavenly Honeysuckle) add onto the lineup of these “Sudsy Secrets”.


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So many combos

Catherine Clarke

These blends are always so unique and creative. I love it.

Quentin Graves

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