STOCKPILE! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Around the Corner…

‘Tis the season for buying gifts for a steal! Yes. We all know the horror stories of fights breaking out over the hundreds of TVs marked down and the blood and tears shed after long nights camping out in front of stores. We also hear mentions of the backlash companies face for staying open on Thanksgiving and not giving anyone time with their families because “The Customer is always right.” Here are Birds of Valhalla, we want you to know you’ll be getting the best quality for your money all year, but man, a deal sure makes it sweeter! So, here’s our gifts and special offers for you!


First, let me tell you about some new things we have in the store. Everyone loves our variety pack, getting to try twelve things to find out scents and sensations galore for pretty cheap is something that’s always talked about. It’s one of our best sellers for a reason. This variety pack is getting a facelift with some new items inside! We’re retiring some fragrances, swapping some out for a different product of the same fragrance (like a shampoo bar), and adding a facial bar. If you’ve ever wanted to share your experience with Birds of Valhalla with someone else who might like it, now’s your chance! If you buy three Variety Packs, you get that third one for half off! It’s an easy gift for the person you can’t think of what to buy- well, anyone that uses soap, that is! 

 We all know about Santa and his whole thing of bringing gifts to good children. He makes a Nice list and a Naughty list… but what happens to the Naughty children? Sure they get coal but they also may be visited by Krampus, the son of Hel Lokadottir, a horned and beastly legend traveling with St. Nicholas to punish the naughty children with his switch and sometimes even take them away to his lair. So to appease the mischievous spirit of Krampus, our amazing CEO made a whole fragrance just for him. To keep warm during the nordic winter nights, wassail, a spiced and mulled apple cider drink, would be said to possibly warm Krampus’s cold heart. Spices of clove and cinnamon banish the negative energy he brings, and the lingering aroma of pine in this blend reminds us of the switch he carries to swat at children who aren’t on the best list. With original artwork made by our Creative Director here at Birds of Valhalla, this soap, candle, solid scent and lotion are something even the spirit would want. You can get the whole bundle of a four-ounce lotion, a three-ounce candle, and huge 6-ounce soap for a limited time.

Now the new variety tins will be restocked throughout the season, we have some things that won’t be restocked as quickly, if at all. The next few things are only here until we run out. And our return customers know when we run out, it may not be made the same way again, so if you’ve found something you like now, stock up on it.


Our most popular fragrance Shield Maiden is so popular that we’ve made a bundle for it. You can get the soap, solid shampoo made with argan and jojoba oils, and the solid fragrance packed all together. The trio itself has a value of $54, but, we are offering it for less for a limited time. If you adore the scent of Scandinavian lingonberries and warm spices then this bundle will make sure you smell like that throughout the day. Start your day with the soap and shampoo in the shower and extend it all with the solid fragrance made with beeswax and grapeseed oil based solid fragrance. 

Every person knows someone who is obsessed with the zodiac, reading horoscopes and they know their entire birth chart. Well, we have the perfect gift to buy that person, our Zodiac Line of soaps! Each sign is completely unique in design, color, fragrance blend and topped with a crystal. Sure the stone is nice to keep around, but what do you do with those tumbles or points? We got that question a lot so we decided to give you the soap and a sterling silver necklace. From Aries with Carnelian to Libra with Rose Quartz, and Scorpio with Labradorites to Aquarius with Angelite we have it all! With this bundle, you’ll get the Zodiac sign soap and the matching necklace to let that person wear their stone all the time. This bundle is $50, so it's a pretty nice deal given the pendant usually retails for around $50 alone. While supplies last! 

We also know that one couple that’s like “Just get us the same gift. It’s cheaper for you in the end right?” Well, we have a gift for that couple too. “His and Hers” will feature two of our signature soaps- “The Raven,” is made with activated charcoal and scented in tea tree and citrus. Honey Moon, loved by those who have sensitive skin and need a little exfoliation, is made with ground oats smells just like honey from the hive. These two contrasting soaps make up our “His and Hers” duo set that way you can get that couple the same thing, but something special for each of them. How awesome is that?

Know any blacksmiths, welders, or other hard workers that might need a deep clean after work? Well, we’re making a “Smithy Bundle” for those hardworking individuals who don’t get enough credit. This bundle has our signature Raven soap that’s been upgraded with more exfoliate, a bottle of jojoba Sandalwood scented beard oil to make sure that the majestic (facial?) hair is smelling good and taken care of, and a four-ounce bottle of our “Fenrir,” sexy sandalwood and vanilla lotion. There is only a severely limited number of these, less than 50, so make sure you get this for the smith in your life! 

How many times have you bought the multi-pack of lip balms only to find that it’s all gone? One was eaten by the purse gremlin, another was eaten by the couch monster, one was thrown in the washing machine and never came back, and too many times our children needed it and then never brought it back from school. Well, we’re here to give you a deal on our all-natural lip balms. If you want to buy 5 of the lip balms, you’ll receive a big discount. These lip balms are made with beeswax, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and other natural-based ingredients. These are food based lip balms, safe for ingestion, but, please don’t eat them for real! 

 If you want to buy soap for an entire year, never having to worry about it again until this time next year, then this deal may be for you. You can buy a twelve-pack bar of soap for a limited time. These packs have all of our signature line:

The Raven, tea tree and citrus;

The World Tree, juniper, bayberry, and pine;

Shield Maiden, lingonberry and spice;

Honey Moon, Tupelo Honey, and oats;

The Kraken, suede, bergamot, and black tea;

Björn’s Brew, orange, cinnamon, and cloves;

Fenrir, sandalwood and vanilla;

Nordic Nights, fresh clean snow;

Norse Normandy; lavender and cedar;

Midgard Serpent, blood orange and nag champa;

Halls of Valhalla, lime, neroli, and frankincense;

Before the Raid, cedar, saffron, and black violet.

All of these gender neutral and diverse scents are yours if you buy this pack. Some of these scents, like Before the Raid and Halls of Valhalla will likely become limiteds instead of signatures in 2023. 

 If you don’t know what you want, or you want our staff to build you a mystery box, you have that option too. A Mystery Box can be built for you with full-size products like lotions, shampoo bars, soap bars, wax melts, and candles. You can have three, five, or ten full-size products in the box. With these boxes, you can leave it a complete mystery or you can go ahead and tell our staff what fragrance family you like. Maybe you want something fruity or woodsy or maybe you want something citrusy. Who knows what you’ll get? Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you never know what’s inside. The three-item “small” box is $50, the five-item “Medium” box is $75, and the ten-item “Large” box is $150.

 Now it’s the time to talk about some things that you can see on our site and think about some holiday buying. These items were just made and are around on the site, like hidden gems if you will. For Auld Lang Syne we have a Cranberry Champagne soap for you to celebrate your New Year with a squeaky clean start. And for those of us who don’t like to be without our pumpkin spice, we have a shampoo bar just for you. Our Basic B shampoo bar lets everyone have the PSL feeling all year long.

Birds of Valhalla has a lot of different things other than body care products and our natural soaps. We’re designing new jewelry outside of our pendants from the zodiac line and it’s incredible to see. We had a huge amethyst ring, set in white gold, that went to a good home with one of our returning customers. Any day now, we will

have more one of a kind, high end pieces arriving. We have a watermelon tourmaline, garnet, amethysts, black opals and tanzanite any day now! We also carry crystals that are great for gifts as well. You can get a whole bunch of gorgeous, high end and hand curated crystals from our website.

 One thing that people love about the food-based soaps they buy from Birds of Valhalla is that it lasts for so long. One way you can extend the life of your soap is by buying a ceramic soap dish that’s specially made for our soaps. These hand-made dishes are made by a small business out of Virginia and they’re sold to us and us alone. If you want your soap to last forever and your bathroom to smell amazing for a long time, then you can grab these dishes and you’ll get a signature line soap for $5! Usually, they’re $12 or more so a soap with the soap dish is a perfect little gift set.

Oh! And we saved the best for last! There’s free shipping over $25 for domestic purchases. So if you're in the United States, that's a nice bit of savings, right? So, come see us every single day from Thanksgiving to through Cyber Monday and beyond because we will have your "Deal of the Day" that won’t last!

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You should see my stockpile

Catherine Clarke

Thank you for being available and providing awesome products! Black Friday was good. You had excellent deals! And I know a handful if not more took a great deal of advantage!

Quentin Graves

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