The Coconut Free Struggle

One of the questions you ask the most, besides "What is all that screeching in the background of the TikTok live videos?" (it's birds) is about which of our products are truly coconut free. It seems to be the most common issue that keeps folks from trying out our offerings. And while we do have plenty of allergy-friendly soaps, and even recently came out with a whole pack of 9 soaps that are free from common allergens like pine, cinnamon and lavender, there's still that coconut-shaped elephant in the room. Here is an image to never unsee, you're welcome. 

coconut free elephant

We do have a collection of coconut free items. Right now it includes our Solid Cologne, and our Shampoo Bars (which can be used as soap!). But you want soap designed to be soap. And we want soap. And we want to MAKE you that soap. Well, we have something in the works that is going to do just that!

Over in our Discord, we have a group specifically for those who want to test out things we have in the works. We recently announced in this group that we are attempting something that is pretty exciting! Hint hint, it's got to do with allergies! 

Hypoallergenic Soap Pack - for common allergy

Taken directly from the post, written by Deb herself:

"This week, our soap makers and I are going to start experimenting with a tallow/lard/olive oil/castor seed oil blend for soap in hopes to make a recipe without coconut oil- which is considered indispensable and perhaps irreplaceable in soap creation. We want to create a recipe that slows the trace (thickening) so we can create more fluid and vibrant designs while also addressing the folks that are allergic to coconut."

This could change everything for us, and especially for those with this common allergy. If we could make all of our soaps with this new process, we could give so many more people what they want! We're trying something new here, so it's going to take some trial and error. But give us some time (and some good luck vibes) and we'll keep going until we succeed! We WILL make incredible coconut free soap! 

If you aren't following us on Tiktok,  you should. That's the place you can watch us probably fail at this ongoing experiment time and time again. But failing is SUCH entertaining content, admit it! And if you keep watching, you'll eventually see the moment we succeed! We go live every Thursday at 9 pm EST. 

If you are ready to try our lastest coconut free soap (and more) offerings, check out our coconut free collection

See You There! 

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I love! The fact that these soaps have crystals! I also love the idea of the lil sample boxes!! Way to go on thinking of some really awesome soap ideas!!


I’m happy you are being inclusive for those who can’t use coconut products !!! I just hope you continue to make coconut soap!! My skin absolutely loves coconut !

Catherine Clarke

I don’t have any coconuts and neither shall they! sometimes the coconuts need to be let free lol

Talissa Wilson

I’m gonna win

Quentin Graves

I am not allergic to coconut, but I find products with a high percentage of coconut oil to be quite drying to my already dry skin. I think its so cool that you guys provide coconut free, and are even thinking of expanding. I know so many people with coconut allergies, I will definitely be pointing them your way!


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