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The one big mystery everyone deals with is the dread of what the future may bring. You certainly have thought about it when dreaming of your career and picturing what you want out of life. Mystic arts have always strived to guide you to the answers to questions you ask the universe and through troubling times. While it isn’t always perfect answers, it’s stepping stones for a path you may need to take, advice on situations that come up, and wisdom to conquer the challenges you face. The guidance isn’t just limited to “soothsayers” and “psychics” anymore. You have the ability to channel your mysticism as well with two things offered by Birds of Valhalla: Rune Sets and Tarotorial Decks.

Runestone Set

Many people have studied the arts of divination and where they come from. One of the forms of divination is the casting of runes. These sets of twenty-four stones, one for each letter of the Futharc alphabet, carry the ability to guide when dedicated in the correct way. In the book, A Little Bit of Runes: An Introduction to Norse Divination, Cassandra Eason lists how you can dedicate the runes to three of the Norse deities and then how you can interpret what each rune means. Given the many “spreads” you can select from to divine your answers, Cassandra tells you in detail how to set them up and how to make sure you can correctly interpret your cast. The book that’s in the shop online isn’t the only way you can tell what runes you have. The Birds of Valhalla site has its own Rune Decoder so you can see what each one means. But there’s some things you’re missing if you want to try your divination arts…


You need a rune set to begin with! With the options of amethyst, aventurine, black jasper, bloodstone, rainbow moonstone, labradorite grey moonstone, jade, lapis lazuli, peach moonstone, rose quartz, rhodonite, rare labradorite, clear quartz, amazonite, mixed stones, and three options of wooden runes. These runes are all made from natural materials and gemstones. Crystals are said to “call” to their intended owners, and if you’re drawn to one set, you might want to look into buying it. When you have your set, then you should have something dedicated to casting them on and putting out your spreads. A casting cloth is the best thing to have, another item sold with the runes.

Tarotorial Deck

Not everyone wants to have a rune set. Some prefer tarot cards to receive their guidance from the universe. However, for those who are nervous about doing tarot and worried about forgetting what the cards mean if they’re right-side up or reversed, Tarotorial makes learning your spreads and cards easy. There’s nothing like being able to learn while practicing and not having to refer to websites or feel like you’re just “winging it”. Tarotorial isn’t just for new learners. It’s for any experience level and there’s just something about looking at the cards and remembering what you were taught by whoever taught you compared to what someone else interprets the cards to mean.


Divination isn’t something set in stone. It’s an art that is all about perception and intuition. If you perceive the advice from the spirits and universe one way, someone else may get a different message from the same stones and cards. This is not a means to say one way is better than another. One study of divination doesn’t provide a more “accurate” telling than another. Even still, the art of divination isn’t something that’s guaranteed. It’s much like asking the Magic 8 ball if what you’re having for dinner will be healthy, you choose to make a healthy choice if the ball tells you that it will be or you decide to try and prove it wrong by making the healthy choice when it said you wouldn’t eat healthy. If you don’t want a whole set of runes, you can always see what the universe has in store for you by buying one of the rune stone soaps from the shop and you’ll have a stone sent to you in the top of a soap and maybe that stone has a message for you.

Remember, you interpret your own destiny. You divine your own truth and future, the shop just allows you to get the tools you may require. Choose your rune set, grab your cloth, open your guide book to runes, shuffle your Tarotorial deck, and start down your path of the mystic arts.

Destiny and a whole set of runes or decks a bit overwhelming? Why not start with a simple "luck of the draw" with a Runestone Soap? With one rune embedded in the soap, each use will bring you closer to a divine message... or a pretty rock! However you interpret it!

Runestone Soaps


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