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There for you when you need a break from to-do lists, endless errands and the cut-throat world of artistic sheep shearing.
lit glass jar candle resting on a wooden trivet small white fairy lights loosely coiled around the jar, the label on the jar shows a bear relaxing after a long day at the office wearing a cozy white robe surrounded by succulent snacks
Did we scare off everyone who doesn't even have a passing interest in the art of fleece topiary?

Good, because we need to have a serious talk about the holidays. No no no, it's not about gifts.

We know that you understand how shopping works.

It's about something much more serious:


The storage bin where the decorations live kicked things off by putting a faint, odd musty smell around the house. Oh, and then the dogs are inside the house more. They just got a bath, why do they smell like egg farts and damp corn chips? We're also cooking meals at home instead of delivery. Three days ago we had fajitas, they were amazing. Peppers and onions cooking is such a great scent, but peppers and onions still lingering while we try to have our morning coffee is not nearly as enjoyable.

That's where our wax melts and candles take over and hug us with the aromas of cozy cinnamon or tranquil lavender. They fill your home with our Signature scents like Shield Maiden, and The Kraken from the moment you bring the package inside until after the last bit of wick has burned away. You'll find that our melts put out scent much longer than those Smellsy ones.

Go ahead and cook those Brussels Sprouts, their ripe odor doesn't stand a chance against our mighty melty scent rangers! Oh, uhm, we mean our wax melts and candles.


We need to go start setting up for the company Yule party. Have you ever seen a formal place setting for an octopus? There are so many forks!

If you ARE still shopping for holiday gifts, USPS advises that shipping on Saturday, December 16th is the last day to guarantee your gift arrives before Christmas.

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I need more candles! I’m gonna win. You don’t have a chance!

Quentin Graves

I haven’t yet tried any of your candles or wax melts but I am super excited to. If they’re anywhere as good as your soaps, or if they smell anything near as good as those, I am here for it. 😆 🤣


No matter the brand all the other wax melts I tried left me and my cat with runny noses. I decided to give BOV wax melts a try and I’m so thankful I did! After buying my first scent with no adverse reactions from me or my cat I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more scents!


I always burn one of y’all’s candles when cooking. It’s a life saver

Catherine Clarke

They forgot to mention those awesome wax melts are bird safe too! Cause birds hate wax or scents or something. But BOV wax melts are tweet tweet safe.

April Ledet

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