The Story of Violet's Victory Soap

We are always dedicated to doing things to make the world a better place at Birds of Valhalla. Our formulas are natural, ethical, and made in the United States. We will go out of our way to make sure your orders are made, packed, and shipped promptly. Our customer service crew will answer your questions and solve any issues as if you're a long-time friend. You may think that these are things that a company 'should' do, but it certainly isn't the norm nowadays. We know it's these little things that make a huge difference in the community, and we spread positivity and hope to those who need them. But there are other, more significant ways that we make a difference as well.

Breast Cancer

This is Tori, showcasing her incredible talent, and probably the coolest form of the "roll for" trend that I've seen! (Sandwiches are cool, but not "undead dragon" cool!) Before we go any further, I'm going to tell you to please follow her on her socials! If you dig BoV enough to be reading our blog, then I know you'll LOVE what Tori does! She runs Victory Terrain, where she creates gorgeous dioramas, paints figures, and crafts some amazingly detailed terrain for your battling pleasure! Click here for her linktree, or read through to find links at the end of the blog.

In 2023, Tori was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. A mutual friend brought this news to Debra, Birds of Valhalla's CEO, founder, and overall magic-maker, and she instantly jumped into creative mode. As a fellow creator, she knows there is always a way to bring light to others through art. She got to work on the idea that eventually became the Violet's Victory soap. Watch the video below for just a glimpse at the process of creating the bar.


A Flash of Inspiration

Deb is constantly thinking about how to help others with her craft. She had the idea to make a soap bar especially for Tori, with 100% of proceeds going directly toward her her medical expenses through GoFundMe. Gorgeous swirls of blues and purples match perfectly with the real essential oil of lavender combined with fragrance black raspberry, vanilla, and of course, violet. Each bar is hand-stamped with a glittering golden ribbon and topped with sparkles that shine bright through the darkness. Deb and the team created it live on TikTok, inspiring others by using her unique set of talents to bring joy to not only Tori, but all those watching that needed it. From the design of the bar, the art on the box, and the heart that was put into its creation, the soap is as beautiful as its message of hope.

Violet's Victory - Breast Cancer Awareness Soap

The first GoFundMe campaign was launched in August 2023 to help support Tori with the expenses. Hospital bills are truly the salt rubbed in the wounds of people already fighting for their lives. The goal of this fundraiser was $12,000 CAD, which is about $8000 USD. Donations made by purchasing the Violet's Victory soap helped the campaign reach that goal and then some! A second campaign was also started, by another of our nerd kin who had previously battled cancer, and had won. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page, which is currently accepting any generosity people can afford. If you don't want to purchase the soap with a donation, this is another way to give your support directly. 

A Glimmer of Hope

Life is stupid sometimes. Like, real messed up. It seems to always be the best people who get the worst of it. But everyone could use a little of what Tori has to offer the world. Her art, her positivity, and her hope has shone through and created some connections that have been beneficial for all involved. Just as this blog was going to post, we got the greatest news! In an incredible testament to her strength, Tori has beaten cancer! However, the financial burden from medical costs remains. Join Birds of Valhalla in continuing to support Tori's recovery by donating directly to her GoFundMe pages to help cover expenses. Or, you can donate through our store and receive a bar of the Violet's Victory soap - 100% of proceeds still go to Tori.

You can also help by appreciating the works of art she creates on her social media channels, linked below. A like on a post, a comment on a video, or a donation of any amount, go a very long way. Every bit of light counts. With friends, hope, love, and art, we can help to create a little Victory.

victory.terrain's linktree
Nerds United GoFundMe page
Victory Terrain YouTube channel
Victory Terrain Instagram
Tori's TikTok




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BOV and crew at it again supporting another amazing human!

Catherine Clarke

So not only do you make amazing products in an ethical manner but you support others. Wow! Just another reason to make you my go to creator for scent products.


I’m happy that a small business such as BOV not only focuses on the business but also shows their desire to help others however they can, I will definitely be placing my support on the campaign its a good cause💕

Lyall Volkov

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