You May be on the Naughty List!

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

A little imp comes along after Santa Claus to punish all the bad children around the world. It's not just coal, it's a lot more than that. But Birds of Valhalla has something that might soften any blow you get.

Bar of soap, candle with lid off, black slider solid fragrance tin scented in Krampus

Krampus Box Set: $100.00

I know what you're thinking: That PRICE! But... you're getting so much for it. A candle, a bar of soap around six (6) ounces, a bottle of lotion, and a solid fragrance tin.

"But what does it smell like?" you ask. It smells like winter parties in a cold, dark forest. Spiced cinnamon apple cider, orange citrus, cedarwood, and cyprus combine with the warm and spicy chili pepper to give you the kick you need so you remember... Krampus comes along too. (This Chili fragrance is skin safe. You don't need to worry about capsaicin burns or any sort of burning on your skin. It just smells dangerous.)

drawn interpretation of Krampus's face

So maybe you can bribe Krampus to let you off easy this year if you give him something that might remind him of himself. It's worth a shot at not being hit with the switch.

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I’m always on the naughty list but at least I have Krampus to keep me clean

Catherine Clarke

I hope I’m not in the naughty list. But Krampus is an awesome scent and I love that they developed a box for this special product!

Quentin Graves

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