Sea Goat Swim
There are two zodiac signs that always get the short end of the stick when it comes to welcoming them into the year, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Both come into the year right around the holidays and then just… get forgotten. Being the final earth sign of our twelve zodiacs, it’s interesting that Capricorn is depicted as a sea goat. But where exactly did this sign get its start?
There are a few different ideas of the story of Capricorn, the first being that it is the goat Amalthea that nursed the baby Zeus after Rhea, his mother, saved him from being devoured like his siblings by his father Cronus. Amalthea allowed the baby god to suckle from her teat in a cave on Mount Ida until he was found by nymphs who then raised him. As a thank you for helping him, Zeus was said to have put the goat in the heavens so she could be with him for all times. However, the constellation of Capricorn is also said to be linked to two other gods.
Pricus, the sea-goat god created by Cronus was also able to control time. He fathered the race of sea-goats that were abundant under the waves. But there was one thing the sea-goats couldn’t resist; the shore. They would pull themselves onto the sand and sunbathe for hours on end. The further they pulled themselves onto shore and stayed dry, the more the scales of their fishy tails disappeared, turning into fur and hind limbs. With the disappearance of the tails, their ability to speak and their memories were gone too. The sea goats became the goats we see everywhere today because they all stayed dry, too drawn in by the shore and land. Pricus couldn’t handle being the only sea-goat, so he rewound time over, and over again so his children would stay with him. He pleaded and begged, threatened and forbade, but his children still went to the shores and turned into full goats.  When he was the last sea-goat left, he begged to be put out of his misery as the last immortal sea-goat. The gods took pity on him and placed him in the stars so he could see his children even on the highest mountain peak.
However, the story that most associate with Capricorn is one of the god Pan. A satyr, god of the shepherds, woodlands, and pastures, Pan frolicked with many people and threw parties all the time. Pan was a promiscuous creature, always ready for a good time. But during one of the many parties he threw, it was crashed by the titan Typhon. With the body of a man and the legs of serpents coiled and ready to destroy anyone in his path, Typhon came to the party in an attempt to get back at some of the gods. Gods in attendance changed into animals to escape the titan and Pan dove into the Nile River, his legs changing into a fish tail allowing him to swim away unharmed.
With so many stories, it’s no wonder that Capricorns are resilient, achievers, and lofty goal setters. Those born under the sea-goat are consistent, reliable, and determined. Often those who deliver on their promises, take their honor and reputation seriously, and down-to-Earth, Capricorns are the opposite of Cancers, grounding them and truly have the strong ability to discern just about anything they need to. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns will find luck with browns and khaki colors and find themselves at home in jobs like architects or other areas that use the mantra “I use…”.
Capricorns are special to the zodiac and we make sure they know they’re loved. This natural soap is colored with ethical mica powder to look like the spray and foam of the river Pan jumped into as an escape from Typhon. Grey, white, purple, and blue swirl to mix the sky and sea with the waves. Topped with a beautiful chevron amethyst, this soap is scented in lemon, yuzu, and bergamot. The citrusy scent freshens and brightens even the darkest of days in the Capricorn season. You can get your Capricorn related items here for that special earth sign in your life.
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They deserve the best scents

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Lucky Capricorn’s!

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