Midgard Serpent



What I REALLY want to know is…

How big of a nerd are YOU, exactly?! Are you as big of a nerd as I am?! 

I doubt it! So far, I’ve made four or five different dragon soaps. 

Don’t believe me? Check out the shop! 

My newest one is called Midgard Serpent. It is scented in blood orange and nag champa. 

Nag Champa is this smoky, sexy, incensey, dragony smell with blood orange citrus in it which gives it this incredible freshness. I’ve made the center of these soaps crazy, swirly colors. 

But help me out guys, I’m on the fence about it. I don’t know if I love it. Do you love it?

I definitely like the outside of the soap. I tried a new technique to make the outside look like dragon scales! I’m going to be getting stamps for them too to make them even better!

Oh! And by the way! These soaps are ENORMOUS!! They should last you at least a month; most people say they last six weeks. If you guys are interested, they are for sale in the shop. 

I just re-listed them. Hopefully they won’t sell out so fast this time, but I hope that everyone who wants one gets one! Get yours now before they sell out again!! SHOP NOW

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This soap is always epic

Catherine Clarke

A work of genius and creative art! The smell is amazing.

Quentin Graves

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