Studio Update: Customs, Restocks, and More! - Week of March 24th

Birds of Valhalla wishes a Happy Easter to all who celebrated!

We apologize for the delay in a blog update! We took a long weekend to celebrate the holiday, but we are back in action and ready to tell you what's been going on in the studio!

Almost Gone

Speaking of Easter, we have almost sold out of the Total Anarchy Soap! This carrot, turmeric, and honey natural soap is scented with honey and orange peel is divine. We are also excited to say that, like many of our recent creations, this one is coconut free! We only have six bars left, so make sure to get yours before they all hop away!


Nothing says "anarchy" quite like a bunch of cute bunnies.

Ready to Ship

We are packing and shipping May You Be Wicked as we speak! May babies, we see you. Wicked fans, celebrating the musical's 20th anniversary, we hear you. Those who value the finer things in life, we got you. We made this one for everyone to enjoy. This natural soap is scented in Emerald Agave, and beautifully made with emerald and gold ethical mica swirls. Your eyes do not deceive you, because we've actually adorned these bars with a gorgeous druzy agate sphere! Make sure you order quick because it's bound to be pop-u-lar! We can't think of anything better to bring in the May season! 

May You be Wicked, Birds of Valhalla, , Birds of Valhalla

For those born to be Wicked!

We have an oldie-but-goodie returning for those of you Deb fans who have been following her for years! Inspired by the glory days of COVID quarantines and binge-watching Tiger King, Eye of the Tiger is back! Scented in patchouli and orange peel, and sprinkled with black lava sea salt, this soap will make a roaring addition to your shower routine!

Eye of The Tiger Soap, Birds of Valhalla, , Birds of Valhalla

No tigers or humans were harmed in the making of this soap.


We've heard a rumor that our best-selling Variety Tin is on sale! This is your perfect chance to check out samples of our signature scents, as well as receive a random lip balm and a solid cologne. You will love trying them all to find your own personal favorites. Those new to the 'Actually Natural Soap' thing will be shocked at how good 'natural' can smell. We also hear that they make great gifts!

Nothing says variety like a Birds of Valhalla Variety Box


We've seen you and we've heard you, so we have restocked Watermelon Mojito Soap! Between the several of you claiming that "Watermelon Mojito is one of the best soaps I have ever smelled", and the one customer who tried to order 12 of them in our Soap for a Year Box, we know that Watermelon Mojito is going to be the scent of the season! 

Watermelon Mojito Soap!, Birds of Valhalla, , Birds of Valhalla

Friendly reminder, the soap may be food-based, but DO NOT EAT THE SOAP!

What's New

Deb did it again last week! She showcased her talents to a live stream audience, and successfully crafted two new soaps! But you better hurry, because there are very few left in stock!

In fact, the Premium Black Cherry & Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Soap is already sold out! She not only made it with real (and expensive) Bulgarian rose essential oil, but she also topped it with realistic flowers, leaves, and crystal quartz! And it is huge! It was truly a sight to behold! Let us know in the comments if you would like Deb to make another batch!

Premium Black Cherry & Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil Soap, Birds of Valhalla, Bar Soap, Birds of Valhalla

Deb also collaborated with long-time crystal and natural soap enthusiast and Birds of Valhalla supporter, Catherine Clarke, on designing a Labradorite Freeform Hand Soap! Originally a custom idea, they produced a design that truly combines the two aspects of our shop that BOV is most well-known for: natural soap and crystals!

Labradorite Freeform Hand Soaps, Birds of Valhalla, , Birds of Valhalla

Next Week in Natural Soap 

That's all we have for now. We'll see you next week for more updates on our coconut free endeavors, new products that are 🤘Totally Metal🤘, and hints of the summer season! 








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My goodness the beautiful Rose one. I want I want


I remember watching the live when you made the Bulgarian Rose and first Labradorite bars. It’s amazing to watch Deb at work doing what she loves.

Sherri Mabie

lowkey wanna know who attempted to order 12 watermelon mojito soaps in the soap for a year box… that’s impressive

Grace L Blackbird

What can I say. Love, love, love . Going over now to see if there is any Eye of the Tiger left. Keep it up.


Just received my May You Be Wicked bar in the mail last week and I’m super excited to use it!! Great scent to it!!

Haley Krolow

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