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Soap For A Year - 8 or 12 Pack Full Bar Box

Soap For A Year - 8 or 12 Pack Full Bar Box

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You get what you pay for with this set - you will have soap for a year! Each bar is a standard handmade soap bar size, between 4.5-5oz, and will outlast most other brands. 

All 8-12 of our current exclusive signature scents in one heccin' big box of soap! You will be “set” for a LONG time! If you want your soap to last even longer, let it dry out with a soap dish or scrubbie between use! 

Please note; we sell out and also update our signature series every year or two, so scents may be subject to change. If you really want or don’t want a particular scent, let us know ahead in check out- you can even ask for more traditionally thought of male scents, or more sweet scents, however you want. Some people just want all the same soap! 

Bathe in the blood of your enemies in our Scandinavian Lingonberry and Spice scent, wake up with the Raven in Tea Tree and Citrus, get ready for the raid with our campfires like Cedar and Saffron, Gaze at the World Tree in Juniper Pine, Celebrate with Björn’s Brew with Orange, Cinnamon and Clove, and run with the wolves with our fresh snow scented in Nordic Nights or our classy sophisticated Fenrir the Great Wolf in sexy sandalwood and a touch of vanilla. Ragnar’s Revenge cucumber mint melon and aloe may show up, Witch’s Brew Neroli, Jasmine and or Black Raspberry Vanilla! 

All soaps are made with pure Olive Oil and Coconut said to be beneficial for skin issues. This recipe is especially great on the body and hands. Some of them are even decent as shampoo face and beard wash, like the Raven.

Rustic, natural, great for your skin. A nourishing blend of olive oil coconut oil with phthalate-free fragrance. Gender Neutral.

NOTE* In the case we sell out of soap, we may upgrade it to a rune soap or switch it out for one that is available! This sometimes means you get a rare soap (:





Contains Coconut

This product contains COCONUT!

Care information

For maximum use please make sure to store your soap in a space that it can fully dry between uses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Kristen Saiz
12 bar soap for a year

I have never been disappointed is any product I have gotten and the soap for a year is no acception! I love all of them. I can never choose which scents I want and this way I don't have to choose! When I received the package I couldn't already smell the glorious soaps! They are so gentle on my skin and don't dry me out like commercial soaps do. I am obsessed with the Witches Brew facial soap. It is cleared up my acne and leaves my skin feeling clean and blemish free. I recommend these products as often as I can. I'm all stocked up and my biggest problem is choosing which scent to use next! Thank you everyone at Birds of Valhalla!

Quentin Graves
Amazing product! Great detail!

Gorgeous pack with a great label!

Susie Thompson

The marvelous smells coming from the box!! I plan on giving a few as Christmas gifts. I hope they fall in love and become BOV customers!!

Toniel Irwin
So many great smells

Shipped super fast so excited to have so many great smelling soaps to last so long. Only one downside I may have to give away one bar I was told there was no patchouli but one bar has some in it altho it's not overwhelming I got bad memories associated with patchouli otherwise love this.

Kevin Seay
Midgard Serpent

Blood orange Nag champa