Summer Melts Away, But Smells Remind Us Always!

The best way to remind people of what they miss is the smell of the item, place, or food. People have studied why smells unlock memories and emotions, and it is shocking to see the research. Who would have thought about it? With summer fading away and autumn creeping up, we need that reminder of the warm summer days, and what better way than to have them in wax melt form? This way all your summer wishes can come right back during the cooler months.



The summer collection of wax melts has six great fragrances that remind us all of summer. With these strongly fragranced melts, one cube will keep your place smelling like summer for around a week. Who would have thought, right? And another thing! Those people who worry about smoke because of birds or other animals, or maybe even if you don’t like candles, these wax melts don’t need any fire or matches, and still, make sure to keep your area smelling beautiful. Now, how about we venture on into the fragrances because that’s the thing that draws everyone in?



Rose petals and moonflowers are blooms that scream summer. The first in the summer collection of fragrances smell of radiant rose petals and marvelous moonflowers. The fragrance is floraly without making you feel you’ve shoved your nose into a bouquet every time you smell the wax. This combination shows off just how versatile these flowers can be.



Georgia Peaches are synonymous with summer so it makes perfect sense for peaches to be a part of this summer lineup. With phthalate-free fragrance oils, this wax melt will probably confuse some guests and make them think you’re poaching peaches for a cobbler or your peach tree is right near your window. Sweet, succulent, and inviting, this peach fragrance has the ability to turn even the most stone-hearted (peach pun), peach haters, into peachy-keen peach lovers.



Most people don’t know that cacti have flowers, did you know? The beautiful blossoms of the cactus are so fresh and revitalizing that it pairs perfectly with the jade scent to ground everyone in the bright summer splendor. Agave and aloe pair together to brighten up the floral aroma and the patchouli brings it solidly into the perfect blend of scents to brighten up even the darkest of fall and winter days. As everyone knows, summer is all about relaxation. School is out, the weather is warm, and everyone is free and easy-going.



The fourth fragrance in the collection is Nag Champa with Grapefruit mint. There are people who hear nag champa and immediately begin to say “that’s for hippies and incense burners”. Well, Birds of Valhalla would like to change that tune. With the amber to warm the fragrance, the bright rose and lily of the valley to perk up the senses, sandalwood, and patchouli to darken and savor the scent with musk and violets, this aroma isn’t just for hippies. Nag champa is a fragrance that is universal and unisex, allowing those who love darker and more sultry scents to enjoy this fragrance oil. Pamper yourself with this luscious smell made summery by the addition of grapefruit mint. Ruby red grapefruits lend their signature tang to this wax with the fresh and clean mint hint. Lavender to relax and rhubarb to envelop the senses and layer onto this already complex scent. But don’t fear, you won’t go nose blind from this. If you don’t believe it, then you may have to order just to see if this statement is wrong.



The fifth fragrance in this collection is Cypress, Bayberry, and Lilac. Cypress and Bayberry are parts of the signature line fragrance World Tree. These woodsy and dark scents are lightened up by the simple floral lilac flowers from the fields that grow between the dark woods. Beautiful purple flowers meld together with the fresh evergreen scents of the woods to remind you of laying out in the grass of a meadow in the woods as a perfumed breeze wafts over you, bringing the scent of sunshine and lilacs. Who wouldn’t like to have that memory on a snowy day? The final fragrance of this collection is a fragrance that many people who have ordered the astrology line know. Those familiar with the Cancer astrology soap know the fragrance of Sea Salt and Orchid. Bringing together land and sea, this fragrance allows you to sit back in the shade of a tropical tree while on the beach, smelling the sea salt spray as it comes from the crashing waves in front of you. 


Each of these compelling and carefully chosen fragrances are meant to remind you of summer as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Grab your collection here and don’t wait! Just like summer, they’re not going to be around much longer. This collection, and those memories you want to hold onto from this year, are about to be headed out. Grab yours right here! And just remember, summer’s fading away, but scents remind us always.


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*Excludes Fall Fragrances*
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Wax melts are amazing and so much safer than candles if you have nosey pets

Catherine Clarke

These wax melts are fire! They smell so good. Make the whole house smell fantastic

Quentin Graves

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