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Bird Safe Wax Melts

Bird Safe Wax Melts

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Our founder created these pet safe wax melts out of necessity: due to her asthma and immune deficiency, as well as her beloved pet birds, she couldn't find safe products for her home. A trained chef, she soon began creating her own soaps and candles and Birds Of Valhalla was born. These food-based, vegan, pet safe wax melts were created especially for people with respiratory issues, allergies, and other sensitivities. 

Available in dozens of scents, these pet safe wax melts will transform your home into a refreshing new realm. From the energizing vibe of an expansive fruit orchard, to the cozy warmth of a village bakery, to the grounding scent of a forest in winter, your quest for the perfect fragrance ends here.

Each easy-open package contains 6 wax melts. Made with natural ingredients including soy and coconut wax, phthalate free fragrance oil and essential oils, and ethical mica powder. All of our products are made in the USA and handcrafted in small batches.

Common sense safety protocols

  • Please use an electric wax melter, not one with an open flame or candle.
  • Always put your wax melts in a separate room from your birds or other pets.
  • Always unplug your wax melter when not home or able to supervise it.
  • Keep your wax melts in the freezer for the longest life.

100% vegan; does not contain paraffin. Our wax melts do not contain essential oils that are unsafe around pets, such as tea tree or eucalyptus. In addition, we only use fragrances that adhere to the higher standards set by the EU, and contain no carcinogens. We strive to be fully transparent about our process; you can even watch us make our products live on social media each week.


Coconut/soy blend wax and phthalate-free Fragrances

Contains Coconut

This product contains COCONUT.

Care information

This product is temperature sensitive. Can be frozen/refridgerated while storing prior to use to preserve the fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Grace Blackbird

Purchase the Freya berries and cream, and it is one of the prettiest wax I have ever gotten from Birds of Valhalla, The scent alone is to die for, but the fact that they look absolutely stunning make some absolutely perfection, Shield Maiden fills my room with a wonderful mix of Lingonberry and spice, Honey Moon gives my apartment a warm honey scent, and the wasail makes it smell like a warm cup of mead. Definitely recommending these to a new customers or to someone who is looking for a new scent.

Thank you Grace! I believe the most recent rendition of the Freyja wax melts was made by our employee Karina! So I will let her know! I hope you enjoy them all, and if you have any requests for wax melt scents let us know!

Cassidy Czerpak
3 Happy Cats

I have 3 cats, and I want to make sure the house doesnt smell strongly of litter. I also worry about traditonal candles, as a lot of candles in store use fragrances that can be toxic to cats. These wax melts are perfect. They last fairly long, and I can smell them throughout the house. Just wish it was easier to get my favorite scents over and over again (sometimes they are unavailble, which is understandble).

Bird Safe Wax Melts

I’m absolutely in love with the bird safe wax melts and I’m so happy I found them. They smell wonderful! I have a cockatiel and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to use wax melts again. Amazing product! I will continue to purchase these.

Best Wax Melts I've Tried

All other wax melts I've tried have left me and my cat with stuffy, runny noses. Their scents were too overpowering and with my cat reacting I knew I had to find a good brand that would work. Thankfully BOV has pulled through for us!
BOV's Cranberry Cocktail scent is perfect and not too overwhelming, but also fills my room with a good, strong scent! I also got the Blood Orange and Frankincense which I feel like will be a little lighter, and can't wait to use once the Cranberry Cocktail loses it's scent (1 week of on and off use and it's still going strong!).

Donna Beeler
Love the fragrances

I received my order and when my hubby brought in it and said whatever was in the package had the mailbox smelling great. My favorite is the angry blueberry. My only complaint is the scent doesnt linger but I ve used around my budgie with no issues.