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Something Spooky This Way Comes

There is something in the air now that the days are getting shorter. School bells are ringing, the air has a small hint of crispness, and the stores are all gearing up for Pumpkin Spice everything. That doesn’t exclude Birds of Valhalla. We have Autumn in our studio ready to come directly to you.


Ichabod's chase soap

From the story by Washington Irving, set in Sleepy Hollow, New York, the studio isn’t all that far away. So there’s a bit of historical fiction in each bar you get. The olive oil based soap might even moisturize the Headless Horseman’s pumpkin!


Ichabod Crane would surely know a thing about losing one’s head over something to die for. Luscious, luxurious soap scented in pumpkin, sandalwood, tonka, and oud brings Sleepy Hollow from the studio to your shower in Ichabod’s Chase. The Headless Horseman surely will stay beyond the bridge as you bathe in the autumn wonder. The swirling orange, black, and yellow remind us of the carved pumpkins we all see lining the porches of homes during October. Topped with a carnelian tumbled stone, this soap really says “Here comes Fall!”


One of the easiest scents for fall is apples. Apple Harvest and Cranberry combine together in this scent-sational bar to dropkick you right into autumn and make you crave that pumpkin spice and sweater weather.


An almond based soap is a bit of a change for Birds of Valhalla, so be careful if you have a tree nut allergy when ordering this next Fall soap. Cranapple Orchard, named by some awesome people on TikTok, combines two fall staples: cranberries and apples. The scent brings memories of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and apple pie. The red and green colors in this bar, done by ethical mica powders, swirl together to paint the picture of crushed cranberries and bright green apple skins. While the fruits may be a bit tart, this scent is sweet and alluring (just a little disclaimer to say that while the soap may be olive oil based, use food grade oils, and smell good enough to eat there is a song at Birds of Valhalla that says “Nope nope nope, don’t eat the soap!”. So please don’t eat the soaps, it’s very much NOT recommended.)



Another soap with special ingredients? Oh boy! And of course it has to come with a pun. The orange, red, and green soap looks like it has fall leaves resting on the green grass as summer fades into autumn.


“How Do You Like Them Apples?” is probably something you’ve yelled to someone before, or heard someone yell when they were maybe a bit peeved. Well, we’re sure you’re going to be asking someone about this when you let them use this soap in your kitchen or bathroom. But be careful if you have that tree nut allergy again, this soap does have almond oil again. It also has breast milk so it will be luscious on your skin and create that lather that everyone craves in their soaps. I’m not sure I know of anyone that can turn down caramel apple pie and some pumpkin pie too. This soap perfectly captures the fall dessert table with pumpkin, caramel, crisp apples, and a hint of bourbon. Grab your fall dessert bar right here!

Applewood Bourbon: Apple pie, a classic for the fall dessert table. Some pies even have a nice oatmeal crumble on top with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and a hint of ginger and maybe some cardamom just to enhance that apple pie flavor and make it all come together. This soap is a solid apple pie… you just can’t eat it. While you can’t eat it, you can smell good enough to eat.

I know! Another dessert bar of soap is here on this lineup. With ground oatmeal in this nourishing bar of soap, the bar will help exfoliate your skin and leave you smelling divine! Someone just might want to gobble you up like you were a dessert. (And honestly, who wouldn’t want that compliment? We’re all snacks.) This bar of soap is topped with real oatmeal and ground nutmeg. I know, we all expect stones or ethical glitter on top of a Birds of Valhalla soap, but this time the soap doesn’t need it. This Applewood Bourbon soap brings us the feeling of an apple orchard and some applewood bourbon barrels. This soap is a limited supply and when it sells out, you probably won’t get your hands on another bar. Much like the rest of the soaps with Birds of Valhalla, this is one you’ll want to get more than one of. You can feel the authenticity in it and how every person who handled it before it was sent to you really likes what they do.



Poe-Pourri: Potpourri is known for being a mix of fragrances and this soap mixes many fragrances. Over his lifetime, Edgar Allan Poe lived in many places so it makes sense that his soap would be colored with multiple pigments and have multiple scents.


Edgar Allan Poe is known for his macabre stories and poems. Known for his titular piece The Raven, this bar is stamped with a raven stamp and has a crystal raven skull on top. Or another option you have, because this bar comes in three ways, is with a black heart to call back to the Tell-Tale Heart. On the top of the bar besides the crystals there are dried rose petals for Annabelle Lee. The scent of this bar is patchouli, vanilla, cardamom, berry pies, salt, cloves, and brings to mind the crisp autumn air by the sea. You can receive a fluorite skull, an obsidian heart, or both. These three options allow for versatility just like the beautiful coloration of the soap done with ethical mica and activated charcoal.



Apple & Rose: This solid shampoo nourishes hair as well as the need for that mix of spring and autumn. The alluring rose mixed with crisp apple will have hair smelling great all day!

Roses almost always bring smiles to people's faces. Mix that with the crisp scent of an apple harvest and you have the perfect mix of spring and autumn. This apple and rose solid shampoo bar made with argan and jojoba oils definitely make that mix of spring and fall a reality. We all have heard that argan oil is great for hair and that is what this bar is really meant to do: give a better shampoo experience. The fall line wouldn't be complete without a limited edition solid shampoo bar, so our studio produced one.

Autumn is a time when things ramp up due to school starting in many places, holidays to prepare for, and weather changing. It makes us begin to look inward and sometimes it’s not a fun thing to do. But there is one thing you can always look forward to when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Coming home to these soaps where the warm scents can almost feel like a hug with how strongly they’re scented can brighten up your day when you think it’s just gone south. For those people who miss fall when it’s spring or summer, you can keep these soaps around (if you don’t use them first) until you just need that “pick me up” of fall smells. Just searching “Fall” on the Birds of Valhalla website brings you a bunch of results and the first four you see are the ones all listed here in this little blurb. So don’t wait! Grab yours today here. Once fall has fallen, you won’t be able to get these until next year. These products ship around now and they’ve been curing for a couple weeks. They’re ready to use when they get to your door! So prepare your shelves and bathrooms, something Spooky This Way Comes…

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