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Dragon’s Eye Soap

Dragon’s Eye Soap

You won't be able to take your eyes off of this intensely striking handmade soap! This hand-painted, natural soap features a gorgeous, ultra realistic dragon's eye to keep watch over your throne room (i.e. bathroom).

The Lore

Dragons have captured the imagination for centuries, and for good reason. These powerful creatures use magic, cunning, and ferocious strength to guard their hoards of gold and treasure. Oftentimes, they represent the obstacles each of us must overcome to attain our most precious desires and dreams. To face off eye-to-eye with a dragon and live to tell the tale is a feat not many adventurers can boast of!

The Lather

These large, exquisitely handcrafted soaps are more than meets the eye! They're not only beautiful to behold, they are made with the highest quality ingredients, such as vegetable-based glycerin. Glycerin is renowned for its refreshing moisturizing qualities, and can protect the skin from dryness and irritation. This natural soap is available in four different fragrances created with a blend of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils. Finally, each soap's incredibly detailed dragon's eye design is hand-painted using ethical micas and bio glitter.

  • Green Dragons: These cunning magic-users live in forests and cleverly stalk their prey before attacking. 
  • Black Dragons: Dwell near bodies of water, such as lakes, swamps, and marshlands, and prefer to ambush their foes under cover of darkness or deep water. The fragrance of oatmeal stout is a sweet and spicy blend with a hint of citrus that will remind you of raising a pint at your favorite inn.
  • Red Dragons: Renowned for their ferocity and quick temper, as well as greedily amassing large hoards of gold and treasure. This scent is as warm and spicy as dragonflame, with notes of zesty lemon, ginger, patchouli, and cedarwood. 
  • Blue Dragons: Known for their skills in aerial combat, as well as their electrifying lightning breath. This is a mesmerizing combination of citrus fruit, spice, agave, pear, and musk, as refreshing as a desert oasis under clear skies.

We highly recommend displaying this unbelievable hand soap on our soap dish, which will permit it to dry between uses. Each bar should last 4-6 months. Select your scents from the dropdown menu below. Please allow 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS until your product ships, as each one is custom made especially for you!

  • Made in the USA
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This soap is just as remarkable as in the pictures. Attention to detail is amazing, and I can smell it through the packaging! I'm so excited to use it once I work my way through the other soaps I've bought.