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Dreadlock Shampoo and Conditioner

Dreadlock Shampoo and Conditioner

You have roamed the Nine Realms, searching in vain for the perfect potion that will cleanse and rejuvenate your locs. Seek no longer! This solid dreadlock shampoo, scented with a sweet and spicy blend of patchouli, vanilla, and black pepper, is the answer.

This solid dreadlock shampoo and conditioner bar will cleanse your scalp while stripping dirt, oil, and buildup from your locs. It's handmade with the same deep cleansing recipe used by the creator of Birds of Valhalla herself. The blend of all-natural oils and phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils features:

  • Olive oil, which is so thoroughly moisturizing that many people don't need to use a separate conditioner.
  • Sunflower oil: Historically, sunflowers have represented resilience, longevity, and vitality- plus happiness and positivity!- all qualities we hope to bestow upon you and your hair.
  • Patchouli fragrance is earthy, woody, and slightly sweet, and evokes a sense of connection to the natural world. Its scent has been said to enhance spiritual awareness and grounding meditation.

To extend the life of your shampoo and conditioner bar, please make sure it is standing upright or in a soapdish to permit it to dry between uses. 

  • Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

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jessica lambert
Top Tier

Great dread shampoo and smells absolutely amazing. My locs are super soft and feel clean. Will be buying again. I loved that I got a surprise sample of the raven; haven't tried yet but will give a update. Customer service top tier and loved the personalized thank you note telling me I got the first shampoo loc bar.