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Food-Based Lip Balm - Singles

Food-Based Lip Balm - Singles

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Available in a dozen delicious flavors, our food-based, natural lip balm is handmade using safe, high-quality ingredients.

We've all been there: You're out on an adventure aboard your longship sailing for uncharted horizons. It's a clear day, with the sun beating down on your face and reflecting off the sparkling blue sea. The wind tosses your hair and showers you with salty sea spray, and as you lick your lips you wince. Your lips are so dry and cracked, it's impossible to focus on your quest.

You reach for your mass-produced, commercial lip balm and glance at the label, but it's written in a strange tongue you've never seen before. What exactly is this stuff? And more importantly, how much of it are you willing to consume each time you lick your lips or take a sip of mead?

In contrast, our natural lip balm is a handcrafted blend of food-based oils, cocoa butter, beeswax, flavor, castor seed oil, coconut oil, and sweetener. This special formula soothes and hydrates chapped lips, and locks in moisture. Choose from a vast selection of legendary flavors, or try them all.

Available in These Fantastic Flavors & More

  • Natural: Keep it simple with this plain lip balm containing only 5 ingredients. Although it does not have any added flavoring, moisturizing cocoa butter gives it a pleasant hint of cocoa scent.
  • Bacon Bacon Pancakes: Think back to the best breakfast you ever had- don't you wish you could carry that flavor along wherever you go? Now you can, thanks to this delicious lip balm. Dragon's egg omelette not included.
  • French Vanilla: Sacré bleu! This sweet and creamy lip balm tastes just like your favorite ice cream, sans the brain freeze. Magnifique.
  • Hazlenut Latte: Finally, a way to satisfy your coffee craving without the accompanying caffeine jitters. This lip balm really feels like sipping on a delicious latte from your favorite neighborhood café.

Store in a cool place (not your pocket!) to avoid melting.


Organic Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Mango &/or Cocoa Butters, Flavoring *unless specified "Plain"

Contains Coconut & Cocoa

This product contains COCONUT & COCOA!

Care information

This product is temperature sensitive. While generally okay on table sides or in a handbag we do not recommend you keep it in your pocket!

Can be refridgerated as needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

Love this lip balm! All of BOV lip balms are great. I have a vanilla bean that I purchased when I first found BOV, and it’s still going strong.

Thank you Susan! Please let me know which lip balm was your favorite!


Not my favorite, but, I don’t hate it.

Hi Susan, I am sorry you didn't like it more! Which lip balm are you referring to? I see you purchased two.

Monica Graves
Works wonderful

Absolutely love the hazelnut latte. Personally wasn't a fan of the lavender lemonade but my son loves it. It actually works with just a few uses a day. It does its job unlike others that need to be used multiple times a day and still don't work.

Hi Monica! I am happy that both you and your son have found a preferred lip balm! They each cater to a specific preferences, and they seem to have made their way to the right people! Let us know if you have any ideas for new lip balm scents in the future!

Meagan Dallaire

Bacon bacon pancakes it awesomeness

Kevin Boschult (Keda)
Another amazing product.

The lip balm goes on thinly and smoothly. Leaves my lips feeling moisturized for hours without being heavy. The flavor/scent is light but amazingly good. It is the best lip product I have ever used.