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Itchy & Scratchy Soap for Dogs and Cats

Itchy & Scratchy Soap for Dogs and Cats

This natural pet soap has been one of our most requested products! We're so glad to finally offer the same high-quality for your pets that you've come to expect for yourself. 

The Lore

In Norse mythology, Odin himself was often accompanied by two wolves, Geri and Freki (translating to "Greedy," and "Ravenous"). These loyal companions joined him on his travels throughout the cosmos, and are symbols of Odin's wisdom and ferocity. Throughout Norse lore, when Odin is described as feasting in Valhalla, it is mentioned that his wolves Geri and Freki were fed from his own table.

The Lather

In similar fashion, our Itchy & Scratchy Soap for Dogs and Cats is made with the same high-quality ingredients used in all our soaps. This is a natural pet soap, designed for our furry companions who suffer from sensitive skin, flaking, allergies, and itching. In fact, it's gentle enough that humans can enjoy using it as well. 

It includes moisturizing elements such as olive oil, tallow, castor seed oil, and a little coconut oil. These food-based ingredients soothe the skin, and also make your pet's coat lustrously shiny and soft. Most pets will not need a conditioner after using this soap, although we are working on developing one for long-haired breeds who may need it. 

Currently Available in These Fantastic Fragrances

  • Caramel Toffee Apple: Imagine an autumn day spent frolicking through a bountiful apple orchard with your furry best friend. As sunset casts the landscape gold, the sweet scent of your favorite dessert wafts through theair, beckoning you home. 
  • Blueberry Pancakes: Remember being a kid and waking up to the smell of fresh blueberry pancakes? We captured that aroma in this new fragrance of our natural pet soap that you and your four-legged companion will love.
  • Unscented Rainbow Colors: Keep it simple with this fragrance-free version of our Itchy & Scratchy Soap for Dogs and Cats. Perfect for pets who prefer to go au naturel, but still enjoy the incredible moisturizing and soothing benefits of our soaps.

We recommend ordering the full-size bar, rather than sample size, for large dogs or breeds with thick fur.

Skin ailments take time to heal, so we suggest using our natural pet soap a few times over several weeks. Usually there's improvement after the first bath, but it may also be more gradual. Additionally, we highly recommend using free and clear laundry detergent for their bedding, and not using fabric softener.

  • Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Cutest thing I’ve seen can’t wait till bath day

Lindsey Bradburn
Dog soap

I love small and it leaves my dog coat really soft

Gabrielle Higgins
Itchy Scratchy Soap

This stuff is the bomb! I have 6 dogs large and small, All of them do amazing with the Itchy scratchy soap. I will definitely be back for more!

Thank you Gabrielle! So happy that all 7 of you can appreciate our product! Stay tuned for new scents being added to the collection!


this smells so much like a fresh blueberry! My pup is typically very itchy and honestly since using this soap on him, the itchiness has calmed waaaaaay down. He's also so shiny and soft!

Hi Felicia! So glad we were able to provide some relief to not just your pup, but to you as their owner!

Tina Guzzo
Amazing soap

Smalles delicious and more importantly helped our little guy with some itching issues he was having. We have tried many shampoos and was even giving him daily allergy medication - nothing has worked as well as this soap!

Hi Tina! I am so thrilled that the soap is working for him!! Please let us know if you have ideas for more products or pet friendly scents, and check out our ever expanding collection!