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Witch's Brew Solid Shampoo and Body Neroli & White Jasmine

Witch's Brew Solid Shampoo and Body Neroli & White Jasmine

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 Want something that smells great and is a lot more environmentally friendly? Well, my friends, behold our solid shampoo bars! Shampoo bars are easy to use. Try one for yourself and see why these were our most in-demand custom items for 2021-2022. Our bars are strongly scented and last a long time. They work on curly hair, too! 

To get the most use out of this product please make sure it is standing up or in a dish that will permit it to dry between uses!

* This Product and all Variants of it are COCONUT FREE *

  • Made in the USA
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Olive Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Babassu Oil, Tallow (<10%) Sunflower Oil, Water &L Lye, Fragrance or Essential Oils (Dependant on scent)

Coconut Free

Care information

For maximum use please make sure to store your shampoo bars in a space that it can fully dry between uses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

My second time buying this soap. Smells amazing. Leaves my hair feeling unusual but I’m pretty sure I’m just not used to it yet being a natural bar shampoo instead of liquid. I find it much easier to style my wavy hair that’s prone to frizz. Love how my hair dries naturally now! I do find it’s harder to get dirtier hair really clean with this. But if you have trouble, a clarifying shampoo once every one to two weeks would help.

Gabrielle Higgins
Witches Brew Shampoo bar

It smells as good as it sounds.! Lathers well and leaves my hair in great condition. Very happy with its performance.

Happy you like it Gabrielle! Let us know if you have any ideas for shampoo scents we can make in the future!

Can we say AMAZING!!!

My hair feels great!! My bathroom smells amazing!!! Customer for Life!!

Laura O'Brien

Very enjoyable

Miranda Wood
Mellow and calming

This shampoo works great with my 3b curly hair and problem prone scalp. It is soothing in its formulation as well as fragrance. I can use it more often as it is not as stripping or harsh as other shampoos. I get a dry flaky itchy scalp and ezema sores and my scalp condion has improved since using this product!