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Misfits and Odds and Ends Box

Misfits and Odds and Ends Box

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  1. You will be getting odds and ends, not our usual sizes and standard. You are forfeiting the ability to pick and choose the items inside in exchange for a significant discount, including avoiding allergies like Lavender. If you are looking for sale-able surprise items of a higher caliper, choose the SURPRISE BOX. If you are looking for a first purchase “tour” of the shop and our standard offerings and best sellers, get the variety tin, not this box! You will be happier! We do not open premade odds and ends and remove and replace items, so please do not order if you have to avoid something strongly as we cannot guarantee it. 

This is different than the surprise box! The odds and ends box is just that- pieces that we cannot sell normally because they lost a stone, or they are too small, or they have a dent, maybe they were the end of stock or a loaf! They need love too!

This box will be an more than one half pound of quality food-based natural chef made soap in small batches made in New York. We may include lip balms, lotions, soaps, hand soaps, and other products.




Contains Coconut

This product contains COCONUT!

Care information

For maximum use please make sure to store your soap in a space that it can fully dry between uses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Virginia Johnston

Misfits and Odds and Ends Box

Tanja Kristine Wagner

I can't eat them because Deb told me not to, but they're very delicious, and leaving the skin moist, clean and smelling YUMMYYYYYYYY

Alexx Longo

Misfits and Odds and Ends Box

Erika Rossi
I absolutely love these soaps!!

I was so happily surprised when I received my box, it was like opening a surprise gift from birds of Valhalla. Plus I got a bonus chapstick which I was super grateful for because I wanted to try out the chipsticks, I would highly recommend this box especially if you're in a tight budget like me. Me and my boyfriend wanted to try out this box because we're on a really tight budget right now and spending one big amount on a bunch of little bars of soap that will last as a while is more beneficial than buying one big bar soap from the store that won't last us at all. not to mention it has literally helped with my skin so much, my skin is soft it stays hydrated all day, and my acne has improved a ton.

Siara L
My bday treat to myself :)

I ordered the odds and ends soap box , and couldn’t be happier. I’ve been hesitant to try bar soap again (my childhood had lots of Irish spring scented bathrooms/green soap grime sticking to every bath tile) but I’m so so glad I ordered this to try out some of Deb’s scents! They’re fragrant before you even get the box open, but aren’t too overpowering up close which is lovely for me as I’m sensitive to overly perfumy things. Overall loved everything and really helped me figure out what to order a full size of!