All We Want for Christmas Is You!

Christmas is around the corner, grab your Yule Gifts Here!

Christmas Time Is Here!

Happiness and Cheer are in abundance this time of year. We know that there's snow and mistletoe, and presents 'round the tree. And we'd like for some of your presents to be gifts from Birds of Valhalla! So here is some of our AMAZING Christmas/Yule line up.

Picture of red and green soap stamped with a special picture of Santa's Sack with text beneath: "Santa's Sack- Cranberry Apple Marmalade and Pine Holiday Soap. Ho Ho Ho! Santa's coming to town and into your shower! Cranberry Apple Marmalade with a touch of pine! We will send this soap in a festive sack! Latest Holiday"

Naughty Dearies Get More than Coal...

Krampus comes out to play with the naughty list. So have some spice in your life and come clean when the mischievous spirit comes with his switch. Soap, Cologne, Candle, and Lotion come to play in this box set... maybe even a car freshener.

Set of products including Candle, Soap, and Solid Cologne with the Krampus design


The perfect blend of fragrances that remind you of a wonderful Yule. These candles are safer than many others with their blend of waxes and their carefully chosen wicks. The smoke is less damaging to pets, but can still be harmful. However, your home also needs some love this season so give it a scent to be proud of.

8 oz Yuletide candle with Birds of Valhalla Logo scented in Anjou Pear, Black Currant, and vetiver

Celebrate the season with our Yuletide Candle! Using a Coconut/Soy Blend, and scented in Black Currant, Anjou Pear, and Vetiver, our candle will be sure to get you into a festive mood!

Made with premium ingredients, our candles burn clean and long with scents to delight the senses.

These are perfect burning candles or darn near close! Trim your wicks every hour or two and never leave a candle unattended. These candles will burn for longer than the average and be strongly scented, guaranteed. 

Grab the beginnings of your Christmas/Yule gifts here. For those that are hard to shop for, everyone likes to be clean. So why not give them a nourishing soap? If they don't know what they like, then get the Variety Pack (the best seller).

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It’s a sack. I’m gonna win!

Quentin Graves

The Santa’s Sack soap is so original and the prefect gift!


Yall got the best gifts for Xmas time and Yule :)


Christmas is the best time of the year! And these are the best gifts to give!

Quentin Graves

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