Can You Smell the Colors??

Can You Smell the Colors?

Woahhh man, you seem stressed out!

We can like hook you up with the good stuff man.

Luci in the Sky with Diamonds!

Yeah man, the holidays can be like a bummer! You're totally trying to enjoy it, but trying like to enjoy it too hard harshes the whole vibe! Then like there we are man just totally bogarting all the grumpy in the room.

So, like, stop trying man!

Just for like, the afternoon or whatever. Grab Luci and take a shower with her. Just get relaxed and like lose your bad mood in the fruity, rose-scented, patchouli-infused lather.


You're gonna steam out that bathroom man!
Large batch of handmade soap swirled in neon shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink topped with cut glass crystals
Totally like when we were in high school in a friends car and like, you open the window and all of this like...steam totally just pours out. The car man, the only place a teen could, ya know, eat some hot soup with their friends in peace!
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I still want luci as a sticker! BLOG KING DECLARES!

Quentin Graves

Just got my Luci in the Sky with Diamonds bar today! It’s so bright and cheerful, and it’s made my entire bathroom smell like Patchouli! Such a fun soap for the dreary January days.


Luci in the Sky with Diamonds Is a great winter soap!! All that color to brighten a boring winter wonderland

Catherine Clarke

The colors are so vibrant, and the sparkles really make you feel like a kid playing with glitter. But these ones dont linger for 20 years lol.

Kasie Drown

I absolutely love how this came out! Smells amazing

Quentin Graves

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