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The brand here at Birds of Valhalla centers around providing natural soaps, handmade by a chef, to provide the best skincare we can that is heavily influenced by the themes of the Vikings and Norse people and myths. When people hear the word “Viking” they think of people in horned helmets and covered in furs, ready to set sail and conquer lands nearby. They think of berserkers raging in battle and shieldmaidens painted with ceremonial markings to pay honor to their people. But the Vikings were seafarers, pirates if you will, of the Norse people. Being a Viking was a job, not the people the Vikings were part of. The region people usually associate with Vikings is Scandinavia, the peninsula that holds Norway and Sweden. However, the Norse people weren’t just relegated to Scandinavia.

Historians know that some of the most prolific explorers were the Norse. Iceland, Greenland, and even North America were found by seafarers from Scandinavia.  But one thing that historians also found was that the Norse tended to make their visits to a special region in France. Seeing as mainland Europe wasn’t that far away from their usual peninsular home, it makes sense that the Nordic people would visit from time to time. This is where they learned quite a few things and brought back some interesting herbs and spices. One of the most luxurious and lucrative being lavender.

Lavender is known for its calming abilities and its beautiful purple hue. This flower is notably found in the region of France known as Normandy. The blooms cover the region of France with their purple blossoms, their fragrance permeating the winds. When paired with chamomile, the bloom’s calming and anti-anxiety properties amplify. This floral pair is rather a delectable treat and given how rare the blooms are becoming, they are becoming more expensive. The harvesting of these blooms ever since their discovery and addition to homeopathic remedies for calming and relaxation has increased the more the world falls into chaos.

Our soap, Norse Normandy, scented in lavender, cedar, and chamomile, adds a floral and calming scent to the lineup of signature soaps. Soothing chamomile blends with lavender and cedar wood to give the woodsy meadow feel as you wash away your worries. The purple ethical mica powder colors the soap to the coloration of the lavender flowers while the black from activated charcoal helps clean the skin better than the body bars bought in stores. This is a limited-time deal as the soap will be discontinued soon. You can get it from our shop right here.

This fragrance is leaving soon. So make sure you get yours before it goes away. Fear of Missing Out is a thing and you don't want to miss out on this calming and soothing lavender chamomile. Bring this soap home and enjoy the benefits of this limited-time soap now. As always you can shop down below

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I love this fragrance!!! Especially how strong it is

Catherine Clarke

Lavender has always been a great tool in my everyday life, from candles, to cooking, to ritual. Such an amazing ingredient

Quentin Graves

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