Have Someone Grinchy? Let's Wrap

Someone's stealing the holidays! Seems like they need some warm hugs and the comfort of a sweater.

Grinch's Sweater - Sugared Pine and Patchouli Soap 

Someone has to give these bars some love and they can make the heart of the person you give it to grow three sizes! This fragrance is sugared pine and patchouli to give you a little bit of a prickly feeling while still reminding us how sweet the holidays can be.


So... we all know that there is a SIGNIFICANT lack of wrapping paper for all of the holidays. We see a lot of paper for Christmas and some for Chanuka and Kwanza, but none for Yule or anything Pagan. (Which is a little backwards if you ask me considering... we won't get into that.)

So Birds of Valhalla has decided to fill that void for you. WE NOW MAKE GIFT WRAPPING PAPER! 

four picks of gift wrap paper

two picks of gift wrap paper

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I’m sad I missed out on the grinch! But I’m gonna win this! I’m the BLOG KING!

Quentin Graves

The wrapping paper is such an original idea, I love all of the designs! I can’t wait to buy some and use for birthdays and future holidays. My goat and raven loving friends are sure to be ecstatic!


I can’t wait to try the wrapping paper, it’s unique and original

Quentin Graves

I didn’t get any paper for the holidays but I can’t wait to use it on birthday gifts

Catherine Clarke

I want all the papers. All year long! Ohhh we need one for valentines.

April Ledet

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