Hey, Want Some Sparkle?


While Birds of Valhalla is known for its amazing scents and body care products, sometimes it's nice to know a company goes ahead and makes some other stuff too! And you know what... we're on top of it all! We have some gifts that might make those special people in your life feel a little more glamorous.

amethyst ring

A 7 carat, intricately cut amethyst set atop a white gold setting with leaves around it, in size of 8.75.

This piece comes in a Birds of Valhalla hardwood box with a logo embossed atop it, and a magnetic closure.

This is a ring for night wear as amethyst can fade with too much exposure to direct sunlight. Amethyst can scratch, please take care when wearing this ring. If you need adjustments, a jeweler can adjust our rings to your size! 

Amethyst not really your style? How about you take a look at a multicolor stone. This tourmaline might be the answer to your woes.

watermelon tourmaline ring in wooden box

Still not hitting your vibe? Well take a look at these Mjolnir necklaces!

brass mjolnir necklace with two ravens' heads as clasps

Made to withstand a busy, hardworking life, this necklace is thick, heavy and adored with Odin’s Ravens holding Mjolnir in a sturdy clasp. 

silver mjolnir necklace with leather cord

This Mjölnir Pendant will make a bold necklace for you or a loved one. Intricately decorated on the front and back, the details are worth appreciating for years to come. It comes in a plastic free gift box.

And if those still aren't enough for you... there's one special item that is SUPER limited. It's hand made by one of the Flock, Void Vial. For those who want spooky season all year round... why not try this on for size?

black and white sandworm necklace inspired by Beetlejuice

Made with premium, flexible polymer clay, this one of a kind, handmade in the USA choker will definitely turn some heads!

It also glows in the dark.

Made by a skilled artisan, our very own friend and collaborator, Ari, these take some time to produce, so we can only sell one per month.

Inspired by Beetlejuice’s sandworms, this wearable art is definitely a statement piece! 


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That was really neat information about Amethysts! I had no idea they faded with sunlight exposure. The Mjolnir necklaces are so cool too!


I absolutely love BOV jewelry. It’s high quality

Quentin Graves

I wish I wore rings. I always love when you show them and I want them but I know I won’t wear them.

Catherine Clarke

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