Isn't That Illegal?! Breastmilk Soap

This is a question one of our commenters asked on TikTok when I told them that I made breast milk soap. Well, it is not illegal to make and sell breastmilk soap. It’s merely unregulated. But then again so is all soap in the United States. So, why would I make breastmilk soap? I mean, we make so many different types of soap already. Because I had read that it helps people tremendously with some skin issues. Now, the FDA has a gag law and says that soap makers cannot make medical claims on their products even if they have overwhelming proof that they do provide benefits. So take that with a grain of salt. All I can say is that will clean you. Also, that we had way too much fun naming the breastmilk soap. Here is what we’ve made so far!

  • Boo-Bees Honey and Oatmeal
  • Solid Gold - Unscented
  • Boo-Berries
  • A Tale of Two Melons
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Tres Leches
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside

We have a consistent supplier of breast milk who is a local woman. And it’s the only source. I have heard all sorts of things from customers such as that they’ll never buy another soap for their kids again. But read the reviews for yourself. Did you know you can go to look up our shop name and search reviews for what you’re looking for, so that you don’t have to pour through over thousands of different five star reviews? And then you could also see how many of our reviews we post. Because you see, many websites offer the owners the ability to just remove bad reviews. We purposely got a service for our reviews that keep us as transparent as possible with our audience. The only ones that we have removed were spam. And you can see it for yourself. Go grab some popcorn and check out our breast milk soap and our reviews, and if you haven’t left a review yourself we greatly appreciate if you would consider it! If our soap or other products have helped you in someway a review from you could help other customers and other people with their issues. Or if you have already left us a review I thank you so very much for your support! We appreciate you so much and read all of your reviews. And trust me other people are too. Here’s some photos of the breastmilk soap that we have created. Have fun, and if you have any suggestions for funny names please do let us know!

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This soap saves my skin every winter !

Catherine Clarke

I love how many people have come out to say your soap has helped them!

Quentin Graves

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