Krampus Comes Again!

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Krampus is FINALLY Celebrated

The darker side of Christmas is finally celebrated. Everyone talks about Father Christmas or Santa Claus, but no one talks about the real story of how you get coal in your stocking. So we're here to appease the darker spirit of Christmas and give you a chance to gift someone impish in your life something that might make them feel more at home.

Krampus, the darker spirit of Christmas, travels along with Father Christmas and is the thing children should worry about when they aren't acting nice. Krampus carries a switch to whip children who are naughty and takes the worst children as his meal. Since he's the harsher side of Christmas, we decided to give him a very unique scent.

Wassail, Apple Cider, Cyprus, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange, and Hot Chili Pepper come together to celebrate Krampus. This box set includes 4oz of featherlight lotion, an 8oz candle, a solid fragrance slider tin, and a soap that is around 6 ounces. There might even be a car fragrance skull in the box too. And don't worry about the pepper scent, it's skin safe so you won't feel the burn of Krampus's sting!

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Krampus isn’t the only one coming for ya! The BLOG KING IS GONNA WIN!

Quentin Graves

I would never have thought that Hot Chili Peppers would be good in soap! I’ll have to try it next holiday season when I’m feeling a little more adventurous.


People sleep on this box set. It’s awesome

Quentin Graves

The Krampus box is amazing!!! People sleep on it. I loved it when I got it last year. The scents were amazing

Catherine Clarke

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